Open Thread: October 1st Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Open Thread: October 1st Edition

  1. Just an FYI, my neighbor told me two days ago he had taken his dog to the new dog park on Ballenger recently and the dog got sick – kennel cough I believe. He stated the vet told him there were at least 5 cases in his office recently.


    • My dog got kennel cough from a dog at that park. There are at least four strands of the kennel cough virus and only two vaccines. My dog is up to date on her shots so the kennal cough that is floating around must not be one of the ones covered by shots. My dogvis almost better but we wont be heading back to ballenger for awhile. If you think your dog has kennel cough get it looked at before it becomes serious. My vet had a tally going as well with the kennal cough cases from ballenger.


  2. Any one know of a good drum teacher for a soon to be 13 year old boy? My son just started at Bach2Rock in Gaithersburg and it is PRICEY! (IMHO) I would love to support someone in our area. We just got a drum set so the person could come here or we can travel, not too far north of Frederick please. He has had about 2 months of lessons (1 X/wk) and loves them. Thanks!



      The guy’s name is Gary and he lives over by TJ High School / north Frederick. He is a very good teacher. I started a long time ago at Make N Music and I am going to him for advanced lessons. He has written several teaching books and is professionally trained. Also, very reasonably priced!


      • Thanks, Donnie. I just e mailed the contact option in the web site link. It is called “Progressive Drumming” and Gary’s name was not mentioned so I assume this is the right place to look?
        I appreciate your response. Will let you know what happens. I like that he is professionally trained. I want my son to read drum music even though the temptation is to just play by ear to songs that come on the radio! 🙂 Good idea to do both.


  3. I am currently looking into getting internet at home…am sick of our broadband card and want wi-fi in the house. Who are the providers in the Frederick area? I called Comcast, and they do not service our address (Willow Brook). Are there any that bundle with cable/satellite TV?


  4. So..on Urbana Pike (Hwy 85) across from the mall and the Panera Bread strip mall, where there has been a sign announcing a coming “retail center” for years, there is finally some bulldozing and clearing happening. Any one if there is finally and actually a retail center going in there?


  5. Any kid-friendly Halloween happenings this year? I know about the usual farms and pumpkin patches. Are there any Halloween parades? My son is interested in going to a haunted house but he’s 5 so he wouldn’t be able to handle a traditional haunted house. Thanks all!


    • I worked in retail for a few years. We never had a guard (mostly bookstores) but we did do the “greeter” thing. Loss Prevention specialists say that when a “greeter” is standing there at the door to look shoppers in the eye and say hi or welcome or whatever, that shopper is far less likely to shoplift because they’ve been “seen” or “noticed” right off. Stores don’t station greeters or have employees welcome you right away out of sheer joy to see you there, though of course that is a part of it…..they are trying to prevent theft. Seeing a cop right off no doubt has the same effect. I’ve been in stores that had cardboard life-sized standees of police in the store and that was enough to curtail their shoplifting problems.


    • Someone has been there for a while, at least since the summer because my child pointed him out. He is not greeting you, but there when you leave – if you walk in, you don’t see him, but as you are leaving he was in between the in and out doors. I highly doubt anyone would notice him walking in. He does not welcome you and in fact I think he looks like he trying to hide himself to those walking in Target. I would assume theft issues too because there is no one in the Westminster Target, so I don’t think it is company wide.


  6. I love this site about Frederick and enjoy reading the posts. I’m a local novelist, and it gives me fuel for thought. The Festival for the Arts is a huge event every year. Would anyone like to see a Book Festival?


  7. Today after church I had the urge for coffee and a muffin. I had my son with me who is Gluten Intolerant. I was apologizing that everywhere we go he can’t really enjoy this type of food. For some reason, I said “Let’s go look for that place with the bathtub which used to the the Mudd Puddle. (Shows how long I have not been there.) Now it is called Joanie’s Carroll Street Cafe. (I suppose you all know about it.) But I just have to tell you what a funky experience this all was…first of all, there was Joanie in her pajamas, and the place was a mess and I actually thought I had walked into someone’s house. And then she happily said “Oh come in! You want some coffee? Sorry about the mess. We had a HUGE fundraiser last night and everyone was here!” She explained that she does live there. (Thus the attire.) So my son and I wander around looking at these strange antiques and items juxtaposed around the room. I whisper to him, “We’re outta here in a minute.” I tried on a wedding vale for fun and he looked at old albums. When I explained my son’s gluten allergy and she announced happily, “I have a totally gluten free kitchen! In fact, I just made some Pumpkin Ginger Crust Meringue Pie!” When my son let out a big “YES!” with a fist pump we decided to stay.

    The reason for my entry is to share with those of you out there who need very safe Gluten free choices of homebaked food, this is a good place to go! We enjoyed two big glass mugs of white and dark hot chocolate with our pie. Joanie is an eccentric but kind person who gives much back to the community and even travels world wide to help others (she is a seamstress and makes dresses for children in Africa, etc.) If you’ve got OCD, be warned if you go here, but the warmth of the place and especially Joanie, the locals all talking together, and the food makes it worth trying. The bathtub couch is still there on the front porch.


  8. I went to the Common Market today and found out that for the next few Tuesdays in October all Gluten free products are 10% off! Cool!


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