Ayse Meze Lounge Now Open

Ayse Meze Lounge serves Greek, Turkish and Lebanese Cuisine in small dishes. It’s located in the old Danielle’s space at 6 North East Street in Everedy Square. From the photos it looks like they brightened up the place a good bit:

Ayse Meze Lounge


6 thoughts on “Ayse Meze Lounge Now Open

  1. Please post a review when someone has the time to check it out! I’m very excited about trying this place, I just know it will be a couple of weeks at least.


  2. went to soft opening friday.

    + flavor profiles (outside of the breads) were spot on
    + new decor is really nice

    – the pita they serve you is an embarrassment for a restaurant trying to bill itself as upscale Mediterranean mezze. Really hope they fix this, definitely a dealbreaker for me
    – the prices are a bit out of line. They’re the same as Zaytinya (the DC restaurant they’re trying to copy wholesale) but without the level of quality. I’m not someone who flinches at 13 dollar small plates if i know the quality of product is there, but it just wasn’t.

    if you’re going to spend $60 dollars on mezze on a date night, do yourself the favor and go to Zaytinya in chinatown ( B/W a free trip to the National Portrait Gallery next door) or go to Lebanese Taverna in silver spring ( B/W a movie at AFI Silver Theater next door)


  3. Went for lunch yesterday. It is clear that they rushed the opening.

    The former Tauraso’s/Danielle’s space is much brighter and airier, though they did not change the uncomfortable wooden dining chairs (I think they have been their for 25 years!).

    The pita and pizza oven is not yet in service, the bar menu is not available, (though it looks very good), and the service, while friendly, is slow.

    That said, the food is very good. The Falafel were very nice, though lacking the right moisture. The Kibbeh was very good. The portions are Tapas sized, but the prices are not.

    I will go again in a month, after they get their act together.


  4. We have been there three times, first at the soft opening and two times since. Each time we became more impressed with the whole experience. The cusine was wonderful and the new setting superb. It certainly was comparable to any like dining outing we’ve seen in the metro areas both here and the West Coast. Highly recommended.


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