Parklets, Malls, and the Dragon Lady Gets Busted

A link drop of recent Frederick news in cased you missed it:

  • The Parkelts Have Come – “The parklets are raised platforms about the height of the curb that fit inside a pair of parking spaces, with space for restaurant customers on top.” They look like this. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I would like to eat a meal with cars rolling within a few feet of my grub.
  • One Frederick mall dying, while another thriving – a nice run down of the history of Frederick’s two malls. This quote from Stephen Ifshin, chairman of DLC Management Corp., a  firm hired by the Fredericktowne Mall’s owners, is kind of irksome: “We haven’t really done any hard planning yet […] It’s hard to plan for something that’s indeterminate at the moment, but there’s also the Golden Mile redevelopment plan, which we would more than like to be a part of. It’s hard for us to lay out any specific development plans.” What the what? The mall has been dead for years and they haven’t really done any hard planning yet. Sounds like Fredericktowne will be a zombie mall for a long time to come.
  • Landlord charged with robbery, assault – Duk Hee Ro (aka The Dragon Lady) was charged with assaulting one of her handy man after he told Ro he called the building inspector to check the work he had done to one of her properties.
  • Carroll Creek ‘muck’ meets waterlilies – “Lily pads can cover a substantial expanse of water, deny algae the light they need and add colorful flowers that draw attention.” Hope it works.
  • Back to the Future in Frederick!

7 thoughts on “Parklets, Malls, and the Dragon Lady Gets Busted

  1. I don’t get the point of parklets… Like Guy, I can’t imagine wanting to eat practically on the road. And street parking downtown is at a premium already, why would they make it more difficult by taking away spaces?


    • I’ve said the very same thing and was pretty much flamed for not wanting to walk the extra blocks. Doing something because it’s popular in California is pretty much the very worst reason to do anything….and I’m a 2nd gen CA native with lots of family still there. Too many times I’ve spent too long circling the blocks trying to find a parking space just to give it up and go to the south side of town to shop/eat. The garages……Church St, the most convenient one, is closed for repairs, and I’ve been there at mid-day, mid-week, when it was full up and closed. The library one…..too many levels set aside for the library and permit parking and has a history of vandalism. The one off Court Street…packed with people who have court business. And the one near the school admin dept….too far away from the town center and ludicrous to have to walk from there in rain and snow and ice and wind. We already have far too many downtown spaces that are restricted by time and day – the “No Parking during…” spaces with the big red meters give the immediate appearance of no parking allowed at all, ever, so they get bypassed.


  2. Heck, there’s not even any real parking for bicycles. I have to lock to a tree or light pole. And the city is looking into a downtown BikeShare like DC….


    • Rental bikes in a city without any bike lanes…..brilliant. I can barely thread my Chevy Astro van down Market St, Church St, and Patrick St some days and someone thinks it’s a good idea to add bicycles to the traffic mix. And when the bikes have to swerve out around the “parklets”? We lived in Montreal for awhile..they had the bike rental thing but they also added ample bike lanes to the streets at the same time.


  3. It is not so much the parking, but who wants to eat out in the middle of the road. On a busy afternoon do you want a car idling next to you spewing exhaust fumes while you try to enjoy your meal. I have seen the way some people try to parallel park downtown. I can see someone slamming into the parklet while trying to back into a space. And, will alcohol be permitted in the parklets?


  4. I probably wouldn’t want to eat that close to the street, either, but parklets don’t bother me. I do find it strange that the City will allow something like that, but not food trucks. If we’re going to embrace West Coast trends, let’s do it right!


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