ToolSpinner LogoBorrowing tools is awkward, buying them is expensive, and renting them comes with lots of restrictions.

This week’s sponsor is a new Frederick business called ToolSpinner and they have an interesting business idea: Peer to peer tool rentals. ToolSpinner is an online marketplace bringing together tool owners and renters. It’s like a craigslist/ebay for tool rentals. Here is how it works:

If you own tools (such as pressure washer, mitre saw, ladders, generators, etc), you can list it for rent on ToolSpinner and earn some extra money. Your tools are protected against damage or theft.

If you need a tool, you can use ToolSpinner to find someone in Frederick and rent it directly. Pricing is ½ of what you would pay at area rental shops and you get a second day free. Perfect for those weekend projects. Payments are handled via Paypal.

As an example: A pressure washer will cost $290 to buy, $75/day at local rental shops but only $45 for two days at ToolSpinner.

For your next project, consider the smarter way to rent and support your local community. Check them out today:


4 thoughts on “ToolSpinner

  1. Great job! We need more people sharing tools, it seems like such a waste to buy a ladder, drill, saw, or pressure washer to only use one or two times. Why wouldn’t you rent from your neighbors or rent to your neighbors. It makes complete sense.


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