Open Thread: August 27th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Open Thread: August 27th Edition

  1. Had a wonderful weekend working the LPGA Challenge at Musket Ridge. What a great event for Frederick County and they signed a three year contract! BTW, any ladies out there interested in starting a Women’s League at Musket Ridge?


  2. I was on my way to pick up some cards and was sad to see that the paper store, InkThis, on Market Street appears to be closed. The place was dark and rather empty. Anyone know the story?

    I did some Web searching and it looks like she’s got an online store –

    I’m just sad to see the brick and mortar store closed (if that’s what has happened). I could spend hours in a paper store – love them. Hope something else opens up downtown.


    • Hi, inkthis is alive and well! I now operate by appt. and have everything that was in the shop. The correct website is -printswell is one of my vendors (a good one) . Also available on Facebook, please “like” inkthis, where I post most of my sales. I still have cards and Frederick merchandise . Happy to meet with anyone -anywhere ,anytime . Thank you for the shout out, Debbie & Koko – inkthis still at 301-662-0603


  3. Upcoming Event: 3rd Annual Frederick’s Shining Star Vocal Contest benefiting CALM Community Alternative Mediation Center and co-sponsored by Frederick Community College. Sunday, October 14, 2012 5-7 p.m. at the JBK Theater, Frederick Community College.

    Auditions are: Thursday, September 6th 6:30- 9 p.m. for age categories: 19-25 and 26 +
    Sunday, September 9th 1:00 p.m. – 4 p.m. for age categories 10-14 and 15-18

    A winner from each age category will be announced at the grand finale event in October.

    Each year keeps getting bigger and better. Join with us for great entertainment, food and fun for the whole family!

    Contact CALM by email for pre-registration and instructions:
    or contact me at


  4. By popular demand ASL Studies Lecture Series at FCC is back! First Thursday night of each month. Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. At the Cougar Grille(Building H) 7:30-8:30pm. Everyone is welcome.

    Sept. 6 Panel of ASL Interpreters. “All you wanted to know about Interpreting”

    Oct 4. Mr Tucker from MSD. “Quality of Life: Past, Present, and Future”

    Nov 1 Mr. Greg Hlibok Esq. from Federal Communication Commission “Communication Accessibility: What does it mean to you?” and

    Dec 6th with Samuel Sonnenstrahl Executive Director, Alumni Relations and Gallaudet University Alumni Association. “Sam’s View”


  5. I would like to put together a wedding and “Welcome to Frederick” basket for a couple who have just moved here and are getting married this Fall. (My wedding gift.) I will stop in the Fredrick Basket Company, of course, and have done some Googling on putting one together but can you all make some suggestions of local fun stuff to put into the basket? I am going to get them a subscription to Frederick Magazine, and a gift card to a restaurant (suggestions?) They are into health and wellness/fitness. Thanks for your suggestions!


  6. Cooks Illustrated rated McCutcheon’s Marinara Sauce #1, so you could add a jar of that.
    Dublin Roasters (out at the North end of Market) has a VOLT blend coffee
    Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium (downtown on Market) has great oils and vinegars
    Beer from Flying Dog or wine from Linganore
    Chocolates from The Perfect Truffle or Zoe’s
    A gift certificate to a restaurant or to the Weinberg would also be a good thing to have them try local venues.


    • These are awesome suggestions, Jenny! Have you ever thought of doing something like gift planning for a living? 🙂 I like these ideas for me, even if I am not new to the area! Thanks for your input!


    • When friends of mine got married we made up a binder of local take-out/delivery menus. You could also slip in Frederick wine tour brochures, maybe a print out of the events calendar….


  7. Hubby and I did the Flying Dog Brewery tour last night and loved it! If you haven’t gone by all means book a tour. For just $5/ea you get a nice little glass (real glass – not plastic) with the Flying Dog logo and 6 good sized tastings. You get to take a glass of beer with you to start the tour off. The actual tour is 45 minutes long and then you get and hour and 15 minutes in the pub to taste beers and shop in the gift shop. I’m taking an out of town guest next month.


    • Also a great suggestion, even for a local not new to the area. Always something to do in our area! Thanks!

      Hey, Gypsy, I am just kidding here, but did you do the beer tour before you saw the ghosts in that house?

      I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts but I have a Frederick Story, too.

      I did the walking ghost tour of Frederick a few years ago as part of a birthday party for a group and it was fun and interesting. We were in front of the brick Court House downtown and the guide had talked previously at another spot earlier on about how some “ghosts” speak through electrical forces with lights flickering etc. I was like, “Yeah, right” but as the tour progressed, in the middle of her talk about who was in jail at the Court House, one of the big spot lights that shines on the building went out. Boom. Just like that. And it was night time and the place was NOT open with anyone inside. I know you might be saying “Oh it was staged for effect” but I had the feeling that this guide was not the type to do that. She was a very humble, serious woman into the history of the matter, not the scare technique type. The light flickered on and off while she talked and then stopped. She smiled and said some spirit must be speaking to us. We all walked in front of the light to see if it was a sensor light and it was not. Hmmmm….(Vincent Price evil laugh interjected here…) 🙂


      • No, no brewery tours that night 🙂 We’d had the noises and happenings in this house from the day it was completed. Our son was staying in it before we moved in. He’s very level headed and a skeptic of all that sort of thing, but even he was afraid at night.


  8. Watching “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel. Have they ever been to Frederick? ‘Cause my family has some stories and experiences that were quite real. Our daughter rented a 200 yr old rowhouse on So Market in 2005, and she had malevolent ghost that crashed around on the 3rd floor and shoved both my husband and I down the stairs. We felt the hand and the hard push. Here in Whittier, in a 2 1/2 yr old house, we had noises in the attic, the doorbell ringing, the sound of the sliding basement door opening……finally one night I had moved to the guest room bed to sleep (hubby snores) and felt someone next to me. I immediately sat up to look. A young woman with very ragged blonde hair, in a ragged blue night dress and very dark under eye circles, sat up next to me and gave me the saddest look I’ve ever seen. I told her that she had to go now, the house was ours, and she needed to go and rest. She disappeared and we’ve had no more problems. Just down the hill from us is an 18th century spring house. We figure that we must live in the vicinity of the main house of the era and probably the family cemetery that was never discovered (or maybe ignored?) during the development of the area.


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