Open Thread: August 19th (Last Week of Summer) Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Open Thread: August 19th (Last Week of Summer) Edition

  1. Does anyone know anything about the G-Mart that is going in on 40? I tried to find a website for the company but could only find a “Super G-Mart”. I wonder if this is the same chain?


  2. I have been to the one in Germantown/Gaithersburg. It is primarily Asian run/owned/operated, if I’m not mistaken. Lots and lots and lots of fresh produce, the kind you can never find in your typical grocery store (plus the usual fare). Lots of fresh seafood choices too. They also stock regular grocery items, some brand names but not the type of store that would become your staple for that stuff.


  3. Grand Mart. I didn’t realize that’s what this new store will be. We had one of those near us when we lived in Alexandria. It’s not just Asian foods – it’s everything and it’s a quite the assortment of foods. You’ll see bits and parts of things that you didn’t know were even edible. Produce you’ve probably never heard of, canned goods of things you didn’t know came in cans…..and more.


  4. I stopped by the Grand Mart in Germantown on Tuesday and asked the lady behind the service counter if they were planning to open a branch in Frederick. She looked puzzled and said no. Too bad. That store’s unparalleled produce and seafood is why I make a biweekly trek down to Germantown.


  5. Pretty sure it’s a big Korean supermarket, whether it’s actually affiliated with the other ones or not. I’m really excited about it, although I guess it effectively puts the tiny Asian grocery over by Mexicali Cantina out of business, which is too bad.


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