Open Thread: August 6th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Open Thread: August 6th Edition

  1. From Baltimore Style magazine: “A recent Baltimore Style Magazine article listed Downtown Frederick as #7 of 50 sublime places to eat, stay and play in the mid-Atlantic!” Quoted from Downtown Partnership’s FB posting. Love love love this town!


  2. I am not sure what kind of design this restaurant has, but they have dug up the entire slab in the corner building, as well as the breezeway and building on the end nearest to the new restaurant. I wonder why the slab that was there couldn’t be used.


    • Can’t say I’d be sorry to see Patrick’s go. Nice to have a place with good tap beers but never liked the food and sort of uncaring service. Hoping that this is a real change and not just a name change…..


  3. The website for the supposed “jaspers” is pathetic. Frederick is mispelled for one, and why the whole secret as to what it is? just say what it is. I did go the one in Germantown once and it was nothing special. I dont give it long either.


  4. I read that Mealey’s Restaurant and Pub in New Market has re-opened, has anyone been there yet? Has anyone been to Milo’s which was Mallard’s in New Market?


  5. Will the 2 Monocacy Blvds ever connect (the one up by rte 26 & the one that just opened up a new stretch by Costco)? It seems weird to have 2 roads wit the same name on opposite ends of town (and looking at google maps they sort of connect – if Gas House Pk & Farm Ln were called Monocacy Blvd.)



  6. ***FREE ICE CREAM *** Look for our coupon in the FREDERICK NEWS POST today and Friday to receive a FREE CONE OR CUP. Today’s flavors are Black Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Vanilla and Chocolate…..Yogurt: Fat Free Vanilla and Lowfat Chocolate Peanut Butter. We also have Italian Ice!
    Voted BEST BANANA SPLIT by the Washingtonian August edition….


  7. Sigh….my washing machine started leaking water out the bottom and the part that has to be replaced won’t be in until “sometime next week.” I’m going to need to use a laundromat on Monday. Any recommendations? I don’t know where they are here, but I’ve used enough of them over the years to know they are too often filthy, trashed, creepy. I’d like to find one that’s clean and safe.


    • i know there is one on South STreet going east into Frederick (as you would be coming in from say WestPatrick Street) it is at the light of south and jefferson, i have seen people coming and going while waiting at the light. sorry don’t know the name… good luck


      • There are two nicer laundry mats on route 40….One behind the Taco Bell, in the shopping center that Aldi’s is in and one in the Shopping Center that Kentucky Fried Chicken is in on Route 40.

        The one that I like is in the shopping center with Bottom Dollar near Ballenger Creek.


    • I use the one at 8th and Market. It’s close to home and waayyy less creepy than the one at 5th and East. It’s small and for the most part, the machines are in good working order. On one occasion though, I had a machine fail on the final spin and had to re-wash the entire load. I put an out of order sign (provided) on the machine and filled in my “refund request” never expecting anything. A few days later, I got an apology letter and $3.00 from the laundromat. My claim was for $2.25. Classy.


    • thankfully don’t have a need for it but grateful that I have learned about several ones just in case we ever need one. gotta love the social in social media 🙂


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