Dog Days of Summer and More

First Saturday, Dog Days of Summer – Downtown Frederick goes to the dogs with “Dog Days of Summer,” featuring a dog parade and costume contest, dog friendly stores, dog friendly dining, animal art & more.  The festivities begin at 5pm with registration and conclude with a Yappy Hour doggie after-party.  Also enjoy live entertainment, guest artists and extended shopping hours at 80+ downtown stores.  A portion of Dog Days proceeds benefit the event’s co-organizer, the Frederick County Humane Society.  Saturday, August 4, 2012 , 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

More events this weekend:


8 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer and More

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  2. OK yesterday while my kids were at camp at FCC (Kids on Campus; great program BTW) I was trying to be spontaneous when out and about and thought I would check out the Goodwill on Route 40. So I’m thinking it’s behind Home Depot near Ollies and for the life of me I couldn’t find it! Some of you may be saying “GPS much?” But you know how it is…reliving the old days of just figuring out how to get around on your own. Like Moses, I was not going to stop to ask for directions. Maybe you all can help me out.


    • Go past the Giant Eagle shopping center and turn right, you’ll be alongside Petco on your right. The store is on the left just a block down if that.


    • Jill, It is on the corner of Willowdale and Key Parkway. So if you turn right on Rt 40 west on Willowdale (gas station) it will be on your left just before light at Key Parkway. Have fun finding new treasures!


      • Yes! I know where this is. Funny how people give road names and yes Frederick is small enough that you know what people are talking about but as soon as you said it used to be 84 Lumber I knew exactly the spot. I am one of those “turn left at the billboard with the funny lady’s picture on it” and my husband is like some ancient explorer who knows what you mean when people say “Go West or veer Southeast” and I am always asking him how he does this and he says “Just look at the sun!” And if it’s directly above me at noon, I’m lost! Thanks for all your help. I will peruse there on Monday.


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