Open Thread Monday: July 9th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: July 9th Edition

  1. Anyone know anything about the Vintage Coffee House in Mt. Airy closing? We drove by over the weekend and saw a For Lease sign in the window.


  2. I’m looking for the best pre-made cakes and/or pies in Frederick. I’m thinking about checking out the farmers markets this week, but was wondering if anyone has a favorite place.

    (Sorry I can’t help with the coffee house question.)



    • Ed’s Bakery is at the West Frederick Farmers Market on Saturdays. Pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies. My husband and an elderly friend especially love their pies because they aren’t too sweet. They have a store and a website, you may want to call them if you need something special.


    • I recommend the Jefferson Pastry Shoppe. They have fabulous cakes and reasonable prices. I’ve never had their pies but they look good from what I’ve seen in the cases.


  3. Hi! My husband, a runner, is looking for an open track where he could calibrate distance/pace for his running device Any ideas? Thanks so much.


    • Hi Gay,

      When I needed to do that I too had some trouble finding a track. I ended up using a walking trail at FCC that had markings on the pavement for .25 mile. I wish some of the public schools would allow community use after hours.

      I hope someone else chimes in with a place I didn’t think of.


    • The track at Middletown Middle is open, although it isn’t very safe at night because there aren’t any street lights nearby and the track is in terrible condition.


  4. Anyone know of a good local “secret” swimming hole; either off of a river, park, lake, etc?

    I’m looking to take the kiddos somewhere unique to go swimming, versus the standard city pools, that we can picnic and hang-out for a day.

    Anyone’s secret will be safe with me; if you willing to share it would be greatly appreciated.

    You can email me directly if you would rather do it that way:


    • harpers ferry is a pretty standard ‘swimming hole’-like destination.

      but if anyone has any monocacy river secret spots, i’d love to hear about them.


      • Try Buckeystown Park, off Rte. 80, not too far from Urbana. Pretty easy access into the river, and the river is calm and flat there. Nice picnic area, too.


  5. I was shocked to learn last year that the local school’s tracks are not available to the public. I remember not that long ago always using the local high school’s track for evening walks (not in Frederick). I wonder what gives? Maybe it’s the lawsuit “happy” world we live in? I wish I had somewhere to recommend…


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