Fireworks (not on the 4th)

You probably already know about the big fireworks display taking place tomorrow in Baker Park, but just in case you wanted to get your explosion fix sooner here are a couple of places shooting off works tonight:

If you know of any other alternate 4th celebrations please share them in the comments. I hope you and yours have a fun and safe time tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Fireworks (not on the 4th)

  1. Does anyone have viewing site suggestions for the Baker Park display tomorrow night, outside the traditional places (the park itself, upper deck of the downtown parking garages)? Someone mentioned the Costco parking lot…?


    • I’ve gone to the hospital parking deck. Not sure about Costco, I know people go there to Keys fireworks, not sure about Baker Park fireworks though.


  2. Up here on the hillside in Whittier we can see the aerial displays at Baker Park and other areas on the 4th. Last year we counted 5 different aerial displays going on at the same time.


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