Open Thread Monday: July 2nd Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: July 2nd Edition

  1. Anybody know of any local fireworks happening tonight? We are shooting some off at the house tomorrow, but I thought about taking the kids to a “big” show tonight.


  2. Hello. Don’t know if this is something you might want to share or not, but, just in case…

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Exhibit opening reception for “Images from Frederick County” by Kai Hagen.

    The reception is Wednesday, July 11, 2012. Join us any time between 6:00pm and 8:30pm.

    The exhibit and reception are sponsored by Envision Frederick County, and hosted by Serina Roy and Dublin Roasters. All images will be available for purchase, and all proceeds will go to support the work of Envision Frederick County.


  3. So….the Church St parking garage is going to be shut down til October. Where will those cars go? We’ve been in that garage when we had to circle it 3 times and still could not find a space. We’ve used the one by the library but then you have to keep looking for a space that does not say it’s reserved for library patrons (and most of those are empty at any given time – big waste). It’s also been the one known for vandalism. Go to the one by the school admin building? Long darn walk if it’s raining, cold, really hot, you’re all dressed up for dinner, etc. The one behind the Weinberg? Soaked up by people who are at the courthouse on weekdays, and on big concert nights it’s packed early on. Metered spaces? Limited to 2 hours most of the time, blocked by big delivery trucks too often, used up all day by store owners and employees (you see the same cars parked for hours in the same spaces every day – tell me it’s not owners and employees). Too often I’ve circled several blocks trying to find a metered space, gave up and went shopping/eating on the south side of town.

    I realize there’s probably no real solution but it’s going to be tough on downtown merchants for awhile.


    • As someone who lives right downtown and has had a monthly card for the garage next to the library for almost 2 years, I’ve never had any problems with vandalism.

      Despite needing to park there daily (including holidays, downtown festivals and events, First Saturdays, etc), I have yet to enter when there wasn’t a spot available.


      • I do remember news reports of convertible tops being knifed, electronics being stolen out of cars, and more in that garage. And we have gone in there too many times to find a space only to find so many marked out for library patrons only and we to circle up and and up and up to find spaces that we are “allowed” to pay for. That’s also the “emergency snow” garage for people living in that area. Our daughter used to rent a rowhouse on South Market and that garage was where she was to move her car to when there was a “snow emergency.” I really don’t like to park there. It’s too far from the central Market St area for meals on evenings when the weather is bad.


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