Open Thread Monday: June 25th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: June 25th Edition

  1. Uhhh, errrr, in regards to Cara’s question and the response that came in about what to do on the Fourth of July; I also was interested in some ideas but was thinking more on the lines of Old Fashioned family entertainment. What a juxtaposition: Barbara Fritchie and Motorcross racing! She is either rolling or LOL in her grave! No offense. It was just kind of unexpected to come across this activity. 🙂 There’s something for everyone here in Frederick! (And that’s what I love about it.)

    Are there any parades in the area?


    • I have heard it was caused by a cigarette and it happened after hours early Sunday morning so no one got hurt. I’ve also heard they were going to be closed just a couple days.


      • They just posted this on their FB page:

        Thank you for all the kind words and wishes. The restoration team is here now working as fast as possible to get the restaurant up and running. We’ll update everyone as we know more, thanks for your patience and we’ll see you all very soon.


  2. Does anyone know if Quiznos is going out of business? I went to the one near Walkersville, across from Walmart and was surprised that it was empty. I have since gone to the one next to the Westview movie theatre and as well, now an empty space.

    Is the chain suffering or just those here in Frederick? Is the golden mile location still open?

    I do love their Italian:)

    *as an aside, I’d like to give compliments to El Ranchero on Rt. 85. The food is pretty darn good, the prices very reasonable and the amounts are always enough for leftover lunch the next day. The place is HUGE inside. Small, medium and large margaritas too. They are decent but nothing to write home about.


    • The Quiznos in Mount Airy is closed as well. It was just replaced by a fast food style Hibachi place. I don’t know if all of the closed stores in the area were part of the same franchise or not. But the Quiznos chain has been in dire financial problems for quite a while. According to wikipedia they are dealing with $875 million in debt.

      I was never a fan of Quiznos so we never went. Now if Potbelly Sandwich Shop ever makes it up this way, that would be a different story. Love that place.


  3. I just saw a sign today that Noodles & Co. is coming to the Westview shopping center where Pizza Blitz was located. Very exciting!


  4. I have been thinking about relocating to Maryland (from Ohio) and Frederick is top on my list from my online research. Is it a nice place to live? Any huge positives/negatives?


    • Susan, I relocated from Cleveland to Frederick about 13 years ago. I still miss Ohio, but Frederick has many great things to offer. History, close to DC/NoVA, beautiful downtown, wonderful people. I would say it’s pretty darn hot here in the summer, so get a place that has air conditioning, it’s a must! I do miss the urban amenities that Cleveland offered, but at the same time there are times where I enjoy the more rural setting, too. Housing is also more affordable here!


    • We’ve lived in 10 states and 2 other countries. We chose to live in Maryland after 35 years of moving around (corporate transfers). We love it here. We’re originally from California (left there for good 24 years ago) and would never ever move back there. We did try living in South Carolina for 18 months, and then Virginia for a year after living in Maryland for 6 years….we came back here.


    • Susan,

      There are pros and cons to any place and it depends on what you want in a town, but having moved here twenty years ago, there’s no way I’m leaving. The only downside is you may have to commute for certain jobs, but there are plenty here, as well as people who care about the community and special events (many free) for adults and children (seperately and together) all the time. Not to mention the natural resources (hiking, camping, fishing, biking etc. that is here and nearby. I’ve found a few people who have things they don’t like about living here, but no one who would live somewhere else. (Hope this helps.)


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