A Look Inside Voltaggio's Family Meal

family meal interior

DC Eater gets a look inside the new diner, including lots of photos (like the one above) and a peek at the menu:

Family Meal will be canning and selling preserves seasonally, including pickled ramps, okra and string beans now, with plans for canned peaches and apricots later. These will also be used in dishes at Family Meal. Though the menu isn’t yet set, expect things like fried chicken, waffles, meatloaf, pork chops, seared whole fish, and an emphasis on local produce — including Family Meal’s own tomatoes, planted outside the restaurant. Fries will be available cooked in canola oil, peanut oil and assorted animal fats such as duck fat. On the dessert side, they’ll also be doing pastries for breakfast and cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream sundaes otherwise.

Via @PrfctLitlBites


18 thoughts on “A Look Inside Voltaggio's Family Meal

  1. I agree Steph, sorry that the North Market Kitchen is no longer considered. On the other hand, I am glad to see East Street getting the long overdue attention it’s been lacking. Next…someone to take over the former Danielle’s location.


    • Hi Bill, the word is that the people who run brewers are going to open a Mediterranean restaurant in the old Danielle’s spot. I will have to try and dig some more info up on that for a post soon.


      • I read that on Downtown Frederick Partnership’s Facebook page a week ago, so they’d have the information.


  2. Still hoping for a grocery store on N. Market in the former Carmacks building. I really wish Trader Joe’s could be persuaded to open there.


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  4. Had lunch with the family at Family Meal today. A little pricey as you might expect, but the food was awesome – loaded with flavor. We had: gazpacho (minus avocado), chicken pot pie fritters, wedge salad, veggie sandwich(not me), macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, bacon, and french fries. The menu is a bit strange (we avoided the crispy pig ears) but everyone found something good to eat – which doesn’t happen every time we go out.

    Sitting there watching orders arriving for other tables, I realized that I could have stayed and eaten all day. Everything looked great.

    We got there around 11:30 and were a little worried we might catch the start of the lunch rush. But we didn’t have trouble finding a seat. The restaurant stayed pretty full during lunch, but there were a couple of tables free and there was also room at the counter for individual diners.


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