Open Thread Monday: June 11th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: June 11th Edition

  1. I’m looking for the best place to get crabs in Frederick. We’ve tried Mays, Cameron’s Seafood, Liberty (when they were still around), and Rube’s. Rubes is hands down our favorite but since they opened their eat-in restaurant in Emmitsburg they’ve closed their carry-out in Thurmont and Emmitsburg is just a bit too far. Suggestions?


    • We got a bushel and a 1/2 from Mays just last week, on the recommendations of friends, for a crab feed at our house. Everyone raved about how good they were, how much meat they had in them.


  2. Last year I had asked if anyone used any of the airport shuttle services from Frederick. I recently returned from a trip and my husband and I used Gordon’s Transportation (

    We were impressed. His rates are cheaper than Yellow cab and other Airport shuttle services and he was very punctual and professional. We rode to Dulles in his town car and he was there to pick us up when we arrived back in town. With the cost of gas and airport parking, it saved us a lot of money and headaches.


  3. With CVS closing, Frederick Towne Mall is all but dead. The card shop and the hair salon in the back is all that’s left.

    They’ve roped off half the mall so that only the Boscov’s end down before Bon Ton is open. There are no lights in the halls and the restrooms are “closed for cleaning”. Once those last shops close, I expect a lot of the parking area will be fenced off, save for access to Home Depot, Boscovs, and Ollies.

    The saddess part is the haphazard signage inside. They’ve papered the walls with ominous signs from “the Department of Public Safety” that you’re on closed-circuit camera and that if you go beyond the ropes or are filming/taking pictures, “you are trespassed” (sic) and they will call the police and have you escorted off “private property”.


  4. I have a little tidbit to share about Baker Park. Yesterday I took my kids and the dog for a walk in the park. We did a loop and ended up in front of the public pool there. I was getting thirsty and thinking about all of the “cha ching” aspects coming up for the summer with school out (as in going out more for lunch, drinks, ice cream, etc. ) when across the street from the pool we saw a cute lemonade stand. Two young, mature girls,about 5th or 6th grade, were selling homemade (YES HOMEMADE) lemonade and cookies and lemon cakes they had made. All were 50 cents a piece! Needless to say this was my affordable oasis in the desert so we took advantage of their reasonable prices. It was delicious and I must say they are expanding on a valuable niche market as kids from the pool were streaming in (no pun intended) to buy lemonade. The stand is wooden and painted but professional looking like that ad where the girl starts out becoming a business executive from selling lemonade. I think these girls are on their way to that. When they told me their weekly profits I told them they will be able to start helping their parents pay for their college educations! 🙂 They are there they said, about 1-3 days a week but I am not sure which days.

    Then as we walked down the street with our lemonade, the postman brought the mail to a woman working on her computer who was out on a glider in her yard. They were chatting, the flowers were in bloom and trees were lining the streets to set the scene. I said to my kids, “Look at this! It’s like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood!”

    I moved up here from DC and Montgomery County 15 years ago. I am reminded daily with experiences like this on why I love living in Frederick!


  5. Sorry to hear about 1311! I enjoyed tasting the beers at Mt Airy Inn (next door) and then going to 1311 for the ones I liked. I wish Bill and his crew at 1311 ALL the best, you will be missed!


  6. So according to today’s FNP, the I-70 and Monocacy Road work now has no finish date. Instead of opening Monocacy between South and East Streets this summer as planned it is now postponed and “Indefinite.” Seriously. My husband is in construction management and he found out that Maryland takes the lowest bidder for this kind of work and then lets them leave the finish date open so that the contractor can go work on more profitable jobs and just do the Maryland work when they have time. Isn’t that just wonderful? 😦


    • I talked to SHA about the postponement and they claim the issue is with permits/paperwork between SHA and CSX that they thought had all been taken care of already. It should be only a matter of a few days, and the electric signboard says something about new signals on 6/15 (Friday). That “finish date open” nonsense explains why sometimes nobody works on a project for months at a time. Do you realize that back in the early 1800s they built 300+ miles of the Erie Canal with picks, shovels and mules in less time than the I-70/South St interchange/bridge reconstruction is taking?


  7. Talking about mules and shovels. What’s going on with the Gas House Pike bridge? That nonsense has been three years in the making with no end in sight. If they go any slower horse-drawn carriages will be back in style!


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