Open Thread Monday: June 4th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: June 4th Edition

  1. Hi folks–

    Have any of you ever rented goats to clear overgrown land? My backyard looks like the Heart of Darkness but I don’t want to poison it. Will goats strip it to bare dirt, or leave some plants standing?

    I know there’s a company (Eco-Goats) in Davidsonville that rents out their herd; I was hoping someone in Frederick County does the same thing?

    Many thanks!


    • I don’t personally have any goats to rent out, but I have “goat experience” from my parents keeping goats while I was growing up. They will strip a field down to the level you would get if you went through it with a lawn mower set on a low setting. They crop everything pretty close, but not down to bare dirt.


    • I remember as a kid growing up in a little town one neighbor had a billy goat in his yard. You had to show your bravery by climbing over the fence, running across and getting back over before he got you.


  2. I’m a Californian born and bred (2nd gen) and I knew lots of people that bought goats to mow down their lots to comply with fire prevention.


    • See, I suggested that we just buy a goat. My wife said she can’t take care of _another_ smelly animal. I wish she wouldn’t talk that way about our goldfish… 😉


  3. Anyone know if 1311 Beer and Wine in Mt. Airy is relocating or closing? I just saw the retail space listed by Real Estate Teams, LLC in the Mt. Airy Messenger. No info found on the 1311 website.


  4. Anyone know how to find out the name of a business going in a new building? They’re doing some work with the empty stores next to the verizon off the golden mile.




  5. From the FB page of the Downtown Frederick Partnership:

    “If you’re like us, you were bummed out when Danielle’s closed its doors in October. Exciting news came out yesterday when we learned that Phil Bowers and Fountain Rock Management (Isabella’s, Acacia, Brewer’s Alley) will be taking over that property and opening a Mediterranean style restaurant mid-summer!”

    Sounds good!


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