Mealey's Table Closed

From their Facebook page:

This restaurant is closed and gone for good. Any reopening will be a different business with different management and culinary team. We are leaving this page up as a tribute to the hard work of those involved and thank you to all of our patrons who got it.

Very sad, it looked good and I never got a chance to try it. I hope all those that lost their jobs land on their feet quickly. (via)

Update: Here is an article about the closing from the FNP. According to the article the restaurant will re-open in three weeks with a more “traditional” menu and new management.


4 thoughts on “Mealey's Table Closed

  1. Well, now we know. The story is on the front page of today’s FNP. Something had to have gone very wrong. If the menu was the problem then why not just change the menu? Were they so emotionally invested in high priced nouvelle cuisine that they preferred going out of business to just changing the menu to what people wanted to eat and staying in business? There’s something else we’re not hearing……..


  2. From what they posted on their website, I think Gypsy hit the nail on the head – it sounds like they preferred going out of business rather than just changing the menu. I read the article on the FNP and the new management will take it back to the traditional Mealey’s menu when they plan to open next month.


  3. lame. i enjoyed it thoroughly when i went and was looking forward to their happy hour.

    they could have made some concessions to the yokels, but they likely still would have blanched at the portion size or price (though i thought both were very reasonable) .

    I think the main issue is that the food wasn’t destination-worthy. It wasn’t volt or townhouse or woodberry level, it was on par with wine kitchen, which is certainly a good meal, but nothing to revitalize new market with and the management likely realized this.


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