Getting Ready for the G8 Summit

Getting ready for the G8 riots

Some downtown businesses are actually boarding up their windows.

From Jim Hamann

I hope this doesn’t get ugly.


6 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the G8 Summit

  1. Friend and I were downtown, walking to Frederick Coffee Co around 1:30 pm and there was a whole line of mounted police coming down Church St toward the Coffee Co. They came down past Angel Cakes, turned, went back up Church, and then turned left down East St. Amazing sight! Assuming there were brought here for crowd control just in case? Would really love to see mounted police more often. Something very lovely and regal about their presence.


  2. i think moving the G8 here instead of staying in Chicago as planned has resulted in less protesters. The Nato event starts there on Sunday so I imagine they had to pick one place or another to protest, probably too much money and time wasted if they try to get to both back to back.


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