Open Thread Monday: May 7th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: May 7th Edition

  1. If you were a volunteer or a spectator yesterday for the 1/2-Marathon; thank you, thank you, thank you. As a first time participant in the Frederick Half; I was extremely impressed with the community involvement, organization, and overall spirit of all involved.

    I have run multiple half and full marathons in various states and towns, and this was by far one of the better organized and community supported races.

    As a participant, it is hard to express our gratitude during the race or even immediately after, but from all of us (runners) to all of you (volunteers and spectators); THANK YOU. Your support and enthusiasm goes along way when the miles start to rack up.

    Very proud to call Frederick home.


  2. Does anybody know what variety of red roses are planted along Church Street? Fragrant and shrubby, there are also a few pinks in the mix. A gardening friend who was along at MayFest thought they might be Knockouts, but the red ones aren’t listed as being fragrant.


      • East Church Street, where they’ve redone the sidewalks and planted new trees. I’m not sure if those plots around the trees are the responsibility of the homeowners, but a number of them were planted with these roses.


      • Don’t know about Church, but here on Third we’re not only “expected) to weed the plots around our trees in front of our home but also to remove the trash (like the hypodermic needle I found in there once, gross). I doubt the city plants those rose bushes – and if they do they need to start coming to Third Street as well!


  3. If there’s a red knockout rose that has a scent I’d love to know about it! Mine are extraordinarily full and gorgeous this year but they have no scent at all.


  4. Hi! What is the consensus of thought about the possibility of many of our downtown stores closing the weekend of the G8 Summit? I have guests coming and am wondering if we should avoid downtown altogether.


  5. Recently, it was reported in the FNP that Rhoutzhan’s had closed. I drive past it every day, and indeed, it said closed on the marquee. Then yesterday I saw that it said it was reopened with new ownership “Rhoutzhan’s Way, LLC”. Anyone know if this is an independent ownership or just more of the same under a different name?


    • The FNP reported that, in 2010, that Daryl and Paula Routzahn sold the property to Route 355 North LLC for $3.8 million. Now we’ve got a new owner named Routzahn’s Way LLC. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both outfits are named for local roads surrounding the property. If the new owners don’t care to identify themselves further, there’s no real reason to assume that this deal is not “more of the same.”

      I saw late this week that the Routzahn’s signs had been taken down, and the new owner’s name (such as it is) had been printed on banners that were being taped over the soot-shadows of the old signs.


  6. I just saw an ad in the FNP for Save Smart Grocery Outlet – never heard of it until I saw the ad. Has anyone been there?


    • A few friends of mine have been there. It’s a “bang and dent” type of grocery store, selling discounted items that are expired or nearly expired.

      I’m curious about the $1 food store that went into the small shopping center across from the fairgrounds.


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