Hiking the Monocacy Battlefield

I’ve been hiking at the Monocacy Battlefield National Park recently. There are multiple trails of various lengths and all are very well marked. Below are a couple photos I took while on two of the Park’s trails:

from the top of the hill
The view from the top of the Brook Hill Loop trail.

Thomas Farm Loop Trail
A look at the Thomas Farm trail.

I found these trails on the Frederick County website, which has a nice listing of trails all over the area. Each trail has a downloadable PDF that includes trail length, directions, and a description of wildlife seen near the trail.

Do you have any favorite trails to hike, bike, or run on in the Frederick area? If so, please share them in the comments.


12 thoughts on “Hiking the Monocacy Battlefield

  1. My husband and I were out there today! We’ve lived in Frederick off and on since 2000 and this was our first visit. Loved it! I lead a big hiking group and I want to take them out here for a day – do the trails and soak up the history. It’s not hiking in the way we normally do it, but there are lovely long walks in gorgeous countryside. (Hey, we were in the silver Mazda 6 and we kept parking near a silver Mazda and a black SUV……you??)


  2. Awesome trails – make sure to check for ticks after you hike though! We’ve found more than a couple after walking through some of the wooded areas!


  3. @ Gypsy, I do have a Mazda, but it wasn’t me. These shots are from earlier this week.

    @Brian, good call! I’ve been checking for those little blood suckers, but haven’t found any yet.


  4. I love that spot too. Cool old farm houses out there and a lot of history.

    I wish wish wish there was a really good network of paved trails in Frederick. I’d love to be able to ride my road bike off the streets sometimes. Anyone know of something I don’t?? I’d be elated.


  5. Very cool Guy! I work almost across the street from the visitors center. I often eat lunch at the pond by Gambril Mill. I’m going to start running the rest of the trails this week. I love the fact that this park almost always seems empty.


  6. Yes, Monocacy is a hidden gem. I just wonder if I could bike those trails or not. I have went there with my students and found the trails appealing for mountain biking. Any thoughts?


  7. I know this is a long shot, but any trails suitable for a stroller or a push along bike. I love to go hiking but never get to lately as I have a little one that is walking, but barely. Obviously these are trails and I know most are not suitable – just looking for other places other than the park now a days to get some exercise.


    • Gambrill Mill trail there is great for kids. It’s very short, and the 1st half is on a raised boardwalk. The 2nd part is on the ground, but is extremely flat. I’ve pushed my middle child there in a stroller many times, and my kids have been able to walk there for a while (I think my middle son was 16 mo or so the 1st time he walked it all. Although there were frequent stops / distractions!) Also, there are often trains going over the bridge which creates a lot of excitement.

      Kingsley Trail in Little Bennet (off Clarksburg Rd just before you get to Clarksburg) is also stroller friendly and short / easy enough for toddlers & preschoolers.


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