Internet Phone Technology is Shaping the Future of Business

Many thanks to this week’s sponsor of Frederick Maryland Online.

As up and coming businesses are now realizing, not only does this technology go way beyond simply making cheaper phone calls, it is becoming an indispensable business application.

Voice over IP (VoIP) can move your business forward, one call at a time.

Would you like to slash your monthly phone bill while also adding dozens of features? Is it important that any purchase you make have a proven return on investment? Are you interested in turning your phone system into a proven productivity tool?

Most importantly, your new voice over IP phone system will be the last system you ever need to buy. Not only will it grow with you, it will adapt as your needs change. Need to add more features and services? Simply add them, with no extra licensing fees. Need to tie in your existing customer databases with your phone system? Go right ahead. Based on open-source software, your new VoIP PBX can integrate seamlessly with all the leading commercial databases and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

We all know that potential customer’s first impressions are critical to closing a sale – this technology allows you to manage and streamline this communication in a number of ways:

  • Handle multiple calls with ease
  • Enable employee and customer collaboration across locations
  • Speed access to customer records for improved customer service
  • Support mobility and cost effective telecommuting programs
  • Boost productivity with advanced call applications
  • Grow and change with no downtime
  • Simplify and improve business communications
  • Solve problems that no one ever thought a phone system could

VoIP Business Solutions can offer you a mission-critical VoIP server that can not only surpass the closed, proprietary systems of the past like Nortel and Lucent, but can do so at a fraction of the price – a recent Network World article states that an open source solution can save upwards of 90% of the cost of a proprietary system of the past.

Give our office a call today at 240-215-3479 – ask us about our current savings specials!


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