Restaurant Openings

There has been lots of talk about new restaurants in Frederick going on in the Open Threads lately. I figured it’d be useful to list all of this news in one place:

Now Open

Sushi Densha has opened in the Westview Village.

Taste of Asia Hibachi has opened its doors in Clemson Corner (thanks to @stevenhaddox, @jahdavusrex, and @joshmend for the assist on the name).

Mistero Bar and Italian Grill is open in the old La Paz building.

Coming Soon

Baja Fresh will open up a location in the FSK Gateway Shoppes (pdf) at 5599 Spectrum Drive.

That Cuban Place  will re-open at 506 E. Church St. in about two weeks. Here is an FNP article about the new location.

Mealey’s Table will open in “Spring 2012.” Here are some articles about the chef, the excitement of the town, and jobs at the new restaurant.


Market Square shows a Noodles & Company, Buffalo Wild Wings, and an IHOP taking spots in the new retail development going up across the street from Clemson Corner.

I’m sure I missed some so feel free to add to the list in the comments. Also, it’s great to write about restaurant openings instead of closings 🙂


16 thoughts on “Restaurant Openings

  1. I saw a sign in a window to the right of the Coal Fire Pizza (across from Wegman’s) that said Jasper’s coming soon. Has anyone seen that? Is that Jasper’s Restaurant? There used to be one in Germantown that closed many years ago. I can’t find anything mentioning it on the Jasper’s Restaurant website.


  2. the hamachi collar/cheek appetizer at sushi densha is crazy good and probably the most unique item on any of the asian restaurants in town. fish collar/cheek is a very “now” thing in the foodie realm.


  3. Sushi Densha – We’ve been three times, now. (Well, I’ve been twice, and my fiancee thrice.) This is not an inexpensive visit, but the quality is good enough to keep us from trekking to Yuraku in Germantown when when want delicious Sushi. We’re still working our way through the list of specialty Maki, and we have tried the Sushi and Sashimi special for 2, as well as a ton of conveyor belt items.

    During happy hour, if you and another patron race one another in a Sake bomb (must be done at the bar), the winner gets a free appetizer. My fiancee and I decided this was just the way to kick off our Friday night, and the bartender graciously showed us how it was done.

    We will be regulars here, much to our bank account’s dismay.


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    • There is a seafood place opening at 7th and Motter near Pizza Boli’s and Charlie’s but for some reason, it looks more like a carry-out seafood store and not a restaurant. I am not sure if it is called Blue Ocean but I will try and look when I go by there later today.


      • Yep, Blue Ocean is the name of the place tucked into the corner of the little shopping center at 7th and Motter. It looks too small to be a restaurant but it’s not open yet so it’s hard to tell.


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