FMO Readers are Awesome!

I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you all how awesome you are.  I’ve been reading over the comments in recent posts and am constantly amazed/overwhelmed/proud of our city and the sense of community that shows itself here.  Thanks to you all for your help and advice to each other in the Open Thread posts (great idea Guy!).  I continually learn new things about our beautiful city from you so, thanks!

We need to do another get-together soon!


9 thoughts on “FMO Readers are Awesome!

  1. Liz and Guy, I’m so glad I found this web site a few years ago. It’s been great being part of a community and having the opportunity to learn what goes on in our city. I love Frederick!!!



  2. I agree with Monica! I love coming into work every morning and seeing an email from FMO. It makes my morning! Thank you, moderators, for putting this blog out there for us all to enjoy!!


  3. I love it when I know things that my friends, many who are life long residents, don’t know. And I can say “You have to go to and you’ll find this stuff out!” 🙂


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