This Could Get Interesting….Cubano-wise

Oh Yeah!:


Ladies and gentlemen friends and neighbors
That Cuban Place Cafe will be re opening just 5 min away from Market Street and downtown . More seatings , Lots of parking breakfast Lunch and Dinner deliveries
yes we are back same menu and lots of new specials the best coffee in town and home of the Original Cuban Sandwich. Lots more pastries and fresh cuban Bread Daily .Hours of operation 5:00 am till 8:00 pm mon thru sat . Thanks for all your support . more detaiils soon . from Narcisa and myself Thank you again see you all soon. TCP cafe WHERE EVERYTHING IS GOOD!


I am not sure how to link to FB (so non-FB people can see it) with this news but let me tell you…It’s real, it’s on, so  vamos a comer!


16 thoughts on “This Could Get Interesting….Cubano-wise

    • 506 E Church St, next to Goodwill. Maybe it’s that old diner/breakfast place I always wondered about? Not sure yet but will check it out next time I walk that way.


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