More Community Gardens

In addition to the County’s community garden, here are a couple more to consider.

The Frederick News-Post community garden in now taking reservations:

Each 12-by-15 plot is $40 for a year’s lease, beginning April 1, and more than one plot is available per gardener. The fee covers costs to till the land and see that it is kept at a proper pH level for plants and crops. The paper isn’t looking to make a profit from the gardens, Fields said.

Water will be provided and plans are under way for a garden shed to hold tools and tillers, a picnic area and an improved water pumping system. Muns was assisted by two gardeners, John Salitrik and Bill Conyers, who are to help till the land in the spring and fall, and at other times.

Only 18 plots are still available and registration for plots should be completed by April 1. This year, 15 smaller 10-by-3 plots have been added for children. Those plots are free.

The Frederick Community Garden Association is taking applications for the 2012 season and is going to have an informational meeting coming up on March 17th.

The Frederick Community Garden Association


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