Plots are Available at Ballenger Creek Park Community Garden

Frederick County Parks and Recreation is taking reservations for the Community Garden at Ballenger Creek Park, located at 5420 Ballenger Creek Pike, Frederick, MD 21703. Anyone who is interested in growing their own vegetables can rent a 15’ x 15’ garden plot, with access to water, a compost bin and parking. Garden plots can be rented from April 1st through November 15th for $67 per year. The garden will be accessible 7 days a week during park hours.

If you’re interested in the community garden you can learn more about it on the Frederick County website.


11 thoughts on “Plots are Available at Ballenger Creek Park Community Garden

  1. Any idea how it will be protected from animals and separated from other plots? I live in a townhouse and have limited space in the backyard and this is not too far away. Could be a good thing.

    Also, what is the soil like there and how much does it need to be worked?


  2. Now if we can get it on the north side of town! 🙂 We have a big yard but it’s not fenced and we live in an HOA controlled neighborhood that deeply frowns on any gardening aside from run of the mill flower beds. 😦 We’d love to have a vegetable garden.


    • If we could get the yard all fenced in…they would still kick but I don’t think they could make us get rid of the garden. We’re supposed to get everything approved but we do “forget” now and then 🙂 But getting the yard fenced is very expensive (must meet the HOA standard for a fence for this neighborhood, so we have zero choices in materials, etc) and we’ve just endured having our kitchen and basement flood from a faulty dishwasher, so fencing is out for a long time. 😦


  3. Is there an email for that FNP Community Garden? There’s a phone number to call to reserve spots for 2011, but nothing yet for 2012…

    I think they’re $30 for a 15×15 plot.


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