Open Thread Monday: January 30th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: January 30th Edition

  1. I was surprised to see that not one but three stores in the FSK mall were either closing or moving outside of Frederick to another location. There was one clothing store (can’t remember name ) , Kirkland, and Ritz Camera.


  2. Deb is the clothing store. And I had heard that Kirkland’s is just moving, not going out of business. They are moving to Leesburg, I think?


  3. Baja Fresh is opening in the strip by FSK Mall that also has Jersey Mike’s, Verizon Wireless, etc. Just noticed the sign in the window yesterday.


  4. Sabor de Cuba is now open on East Patrick Street. Also, Mistero is supposed to open in the nest couple of weeks in the old La Paz building.


  5. Looks like more restaurants for the northside, with Buffalo Wild Wings, Noodle and Co. and IHOP signing leases for Market Square, along with Sport & Health and Bank of America


  6. I heard today that a new restaurant has opened in the old Gabriel’s location on Ijamsville Road. Has anyone been yet? I don’t know the name for it.


  7. Hey Frederick Peeps!

    Tonight is the final dress for Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s “End Days”. $5 seats, no reservations, first come, first serve. Box opens an hour early. Please come if you feel like seeing a great show! Support the arts! Stay after and introduce yourself…I’ll be playing the Dad, Arthur.

    Call Maryland Ensemble Theatre for reservations through the rest of the 4-week run. 301-694-4744.


  8. Almost 2 years ago, on this forum, I first announced the formation of the Maryland Trail Dames. The membership built up to over 300 ladies and we had a blast! But we were one of 10 chapters and the founder of the original chapter decided to institute dues and ID cards, things I could not abide. The trails are free and open to all. So I left the organization and as of Jan 29th formed “Mid-Atlantic Women Outdoors” on It’s already up to nearly 150 members, and about half of those are former Trail Dames. Maryland Trail Dames does still exist and has two new, quite capable, Head Dames to lead it.

    If you’re female and interested in hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking, and whatever else we find to do in the outdoors then by all means find us on and join in the fun! 🙂


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