Sledding in Frederick

We haven’t had much snow to speak of this winter, but I tried to take my son sledding with the little we did get over the weekend. We tried the sled run at Pinecliff Park, but it was closed:

sled run closed

Does anyone know of other good sledding hills in Frederick?


8 thoughts on “Sledding in Frederick

  1. There were lots of kids sledding in Greenleaf City Park in Whittier. They sled down from the sidewalk onto the soccer field. It’s off of Tuscany Drive which is off of Yellow Springs Road.


  2. The kids in the area (Kingsbrook/Ballenger Crossing) have made the temporary dirt mound near the corner of Ballenger Creek Pike and Corporate Drive into a pretty popular sledding hill. After a good snow, you can see the kids and their sleds marching to and from the hill.


  3. We’ve been to Pinecliff Park many times throughout the years. Only one time have we seen the sled run actually up and running. 😦

    Thanks for the other locations to try.


  4. Try the hill at Prospect Hall. Sure, its private property, but its worth a shot. Or perhaps the hill beside the soccer fields off of Monocacy Blvd and 26?


  5. I’ve found that the two best ones are the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Golf course, and the hill next to the Schifferstadt Museum.


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