Open Thread Monday: January 23rd Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: January 23rd Edition

  1. So how did everyone’s morning go? My husband and son couldn’t even get the cars out of our driveway until 9:30 am, just after the City came and spread sand/salt on the streets. A neighbor tried to leave at 7 am but his car only got about 20 feet from the end of his driveway onto the street and lost traction. He had to park it and walk back to his house. We live up near the top of the hill in Whittier. Husband works in Annapolis Junction and he had to explain to his office, which expected everyone to come in on time, that while it may not have been iced over there, it was impossible to get out here til late. Son works in Rockville – same problem. Employers need to get a clue about the differences in the weather from place to place.


  2. I live off of 9th Street and a salt truck came through our neighborhood at 8:45 so I left for work just before 9:00 this morning. Luckily I work at a great office in Potomac and our Executive Director decided not to open until 10:30 today (we usually open at 9:00). It’s a shame that some employers don’t think about where all of their employees live and how much road conditions can vary.


  3. I for one was not ready for the ice. Walked out the front door and met the sidewalk immediatly. On another note, appears a new restaurant is opening soon in clemson corner, Hibachi type place opening next to yogi castle.


  4. My son went out at 9:30 am to drive to work…watched him SLIDE on our sidewalk and then the driveway to get to his car. He looked like an ice skater.


  5. Good evening Fredericktonians.

    I am so looking forward to seeing The Temptations at the Weinberg Center on 2/12/12. I’ve been to movies there, but never a concert. Is non-flash photography allowed? I sure would like to try to get a few photos with my new Christmas camera.

    Thanks for reading and be safe re: the ice.


    • I’ve been waiting for them to open – the website is not updated and as of a couple of weeks ago they were not open yet. Did you actually go there and see if they are open?


    • This place cannot open soon enough! I am fiending for some sushi, but I don’t feel like going up to Edo or down to Yuraku.

      They are still not open, but posted on their Facebook page that they are hiring now, and they hope to be open in a few weeks. They said that county inspections delayed them.


  6. Hi Frederick:

    Does anyone know about the school choices of families that live in the Baker Park area in Frederick? I’m thinking about the Rockwell Terrace area, College Ave and the area near Hood.

    Those are pricey neighborhoods with high taxes and schools that are not the best from what I understand.

    Do the kids in this area go to the public schools or do most go to private schools?

    Tough question, I know, but other than knocking on doors, don’t know what else to do. We are looking at moving to the area in the next few years.

    Any insights would be great!



    • Hi Steve, I hope someone more knowledgeable than I will answer this soon. I walk and work and occasionally park near Rockwell Terrace and its tributaries and honestly, I don’t think there are a lot of young families with school age children living there. Anyone???


  7. Hi, we have four kids and live on Dill Avenue. Our kids went to the Montessori public charter school on the corner of Bentz and Dill, and two are now homeschooled. Two went to private high schools, but mostly because they play violin and there were no orchestras at Frederick High or TJ (the arts magnet). I’ve heard good things about Parkway Elementary and Frederick High. There are quite a few kids in this neighborhood and I see many families walking their kids to Parkway in the AM. I’ve met quite a few neighbors who were pleased with the education their kids received at the local public schools.


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