Open Thread Monday: January 16th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: January 16th Edition

  1. We want to sell our pop-up tent trailer so that we can buy a larger hybrid trailer BUT here’s the problem – – it is currently sitting in a storage space at Bowman’s Plains Storage (it’s always been covered) and they will not allow us to open up the trailer and show it to buyers there. We cannot bring it home as our HOA will not allow it to be parked here. It is too wide to go through our garage doors to be stored indoors. No one is going to buy it if they can’t look at the interior and see how the power lift works. A dealer is not going to give us anywhere it’s resale value as a trade-in. Are there any places that would take it on consignment?? To park it somewhere “on display” we’d have to be 100% positive that it’s safe from break-ins/vandalism.


      • It’s a 2007 Rockwood Freedom. 10′ box, double bed on one end, queen bed on the other end, heated mattresses, power lift for the roof ( no cranking unless the battery is dead), 3 burner stove, single sink, 3 cu ft 3 way fridge, water heater, outside shower, propane powered heater, toilet/shower combo (we don’t use it -prefer to use the campground facilities. We use the space for storage. It uses a cassette for black water clean out), dinette seats 4, manual roll out canopy, Super Fan ventilation, no a/c unit, cable outlet for TV, several electrical outlets, will last about 4 days on battery-only power, we tow it with a Chevy Astro AWD van, no pets in it, no smokers, rarely cooked inside of it, lived in it for 6 weeks of a Alaska to Maryland road trip and loved every minute of it, and have used it on a few camping trips since then. $5000. is firm. That’s the NADA low blue book resale. High is $7100. We have a cover for it, it carries it’s own spare tire on the back w/cover. It’s 7′ wide.

        We love it to death and it breaks our hearts to sell it, but we’ve simply reached a stage where we’d like something a little bigger but still has 2 beds (snoring problem) so we’re going to buy a hybrid trailer.

        I’m going to replace the curtains in it (the privacy set that go across my bed developed mold spots because they’re next to the kitchen sink and got splashed on – I’ve bleached them multiple times but the spots won’t go away even though they smell quite fresh and clean). Other than that, it’s in original condition and we’ve always kept it very clean.

        I can send you pics if you can send me your email address – use to contact me.


  2. Does anyone know of a laundromat or dry cleaners that does wash/dry/fold in Frederick? We’d love to find such a service. Have done web searches to no avail. Basically we’d have to scope out, or call, every laundromat in town to ask.


  3. Just a plug for the upcoming Maryland International Kids FilmFest on January 28 at the Weinberg Center in downtown Frederick.

    The event features over 50 short films in hour-long blocks divided by age groups and a screening of two installments of one of the most famous series of animated films in film history: Wallace and Gromit.

    Tickets are on sale now at the Weinberg Center. More info is available on the website at:

    Hope to see you and your kids at this fun event!


  4. Hmmm…..noticed that FNP has been printing a count down for something that’s been “missing” and is coming back. Could it be the Monday newspaper? Anyone know what it is?


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