Jim's A Year in Photos Featured in FNP

The Frederick News-Post did a great piece on Jim Hamann’s Year in Frederick photo series:

The photo album is among 72 that Hamann has posted to his personal Flickr photo sharing account online. He recreationally posts his work as a sort of online portfolio and for the purpose of sharing his photos with others, he said.

“I did it just on a whim,” Hamann said of the album. “I was looking at a lot of newspapers around the country, and a lot of them were putting photos of ‘the year in review’ on their websites. I usually contribute a lot of my pictures to the Frederick Maryland Online website/online forum (www.frederickmarylandonline.com) and I had it in mind for them. I wanted to share (my photos from the year) with the community,” he said.

Thus, he looked back over the photos he had taken in 2011 and put the album together in a very “spur-of-the-moment” fashion, he said. Although most of his albums usually get approximately 150 views after upload, Hamann said, the “A Year in Frederick 2011” album has already gotten more than 700 in the few weeks since he put it together and posted to Flickr.

Check out the full Year in Frederick series here and read the whole FNP article here.



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