Open Thread Monday (on Tuesday): December 26th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday (on Tuesday): December 26th Edition

  1. We were driving down rt 26 the other day and Liberty Road Seafood and Steak’s parking lot was empty and it looked like a for sale sign in front of it. Did they close?


  2. I really enjoyed the Candlelight walking tour through downtown Frederick last night. That was my first time going. I love all the history Frederick holds, and to know we have a part of it right here in our own city! So cool! I also enjoyed all the wonderful music provided by the musicians from around town! 🙂 Thanks Frederick!


  3. There are a few of us Tolkien fanatics who would like to go out together to raise a toast on the Professor’s birthday on Jan 3rd. We want a nice quiet pub-like place, no TVs blaring sports games. Any suggestions? And I’m serious about the “no TVs” part – not even if they keep the volume off.


    • Depending upon how many of there are of you Magoo’s downstairs bar may work. It is dark and cozy. Since it is an off night, you could reserve it. You will need to call and ask. There is a TV there, but if you reserve it for your group it could be off. Good luck finding any other bar in town w/o a TV on.


      • “Good luck finding any other bar in town w/o a TV on.”

        And why is that, exactly? I refuse to believe that everyone who wants to go out for a drink also wants to watch sports at the same time – every time. What about a quiet, relaxed, conversation-friendly (with out leaning across the table to shout), not-a-meat-market, women welcome, safe, setting with good wines,draft ales that come in pints, good whiskeys, a fireplace or two, kind of place? Something like a good Starbucks but serving alcohol? Maybe it’s time someone looked into opening a place for those of us who don’t need a 24/7 TV set on because we enjoy the company of our friends/family/dates and that’s enough.


      • Like Cafe Nola? I was also thinking of Shab Row Bistro (I only ate their once, but the bar had lots of space for a shindig like that. Also, I can’t remember if Mick’s had TVs or not, but that might also be an option for you to check out…


    • Cafe Nola can get loud at night. And the music gets turned up pretty loud at a certain point. But if you’re planning on doing an early toast, it could work.

      I’m not sure about their bar area, but Quinn’s Attic has a really cozy feel, and the time I ate there it was pretty quiet.

      What about the Wine Kitchen? Do they have TVs? I haven’t been yet. You could always get a table there and be away from the bar.

      And I agree with you 100% about a quiet cozy place where adults can sit and drink and have a nice conversation without shouting, without TVs and without blaring music.


      • I agree that Cafe Nola can be loud, but I was thinking on a Tuesday it might be okay? I second Qynn’s Attic – I am totally addicted to their bread pudding 🙂


    • What about Shab Row Bistro? Its not exactly “pub-like” but there are no TV’s and the staff are friendly. Alex may even create a drink in honor of Tolkein’s birthday if you ask him. :0)


  4. Home at Braddock Inn? There’s a TV in the bar upstairs, although it’s not “viewable” from most of the tables. Depending, Greg might open the basement bar, which is pretty sweet between the bar, fireplace, and cave-like setting.


  5. Thank you all for the suggestions. There’s only 3 of us (though more are welcome!) so we don’t need to reserve a place. We just wanted quiet and dignified. 🙂


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