Open Thread Monday: December 19th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


27 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: December 19th Edition

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a Frederick t-shirt or any other Frederick specific items? A colleague of mine is leaving the area and I’d like to get her something to remember this town when she’s gone.


    • I saw some nice sweatshirts hanging outside downtown when I was shopping this week. I don’t recall the name of the place but it was right up from Firestones on the same side of the street. Or you can also google and find some online stuff.


    • I just got back from Dublin Roasters on North Market Street and saw that they have a Frederick t-shirt and mug. The mug looked pretty neat and had a bit of weight to it ($10).


    • The visitors center is definitely a place i’d look. Perhaps a nice book about Frederick for their coffee table upon their arrival in their new location?


  2. I would reccomend the Visitors Center on East St by the Marc Train Station or Flights of Fancy in Shab Rob. If they don’t have them (which would be unlikely) they would be the places to tell you where you could get them


  3. Very often the bigger grocery stores have Frederick t-shirts. Try Wegmans and Giant Eagle. As for Frederick mementos in general, the Visitors Center has a few nice things, or try the little bookstore next to the museum on Church Street – wonderful Frederick books and prints.


  4. Alisa – Adventure Park USA has a Santa. He is there from 7-9. I havent been but from the promo on his web site I would prefer to see him rather than the mall santa.


  5. By the way, the Public Notice section of the Frederick News Post classifieds on Tuesday is a good way of finding out new restaurants are planned (at least ones that plan to serve alcohol). That’s when the Liquor Board publishes hearings for new licenses and transfers. So this week, there was one for the transfer of the license for the Eithiopian restaurant on West Patrick to a new place planned in the same location called Sabor de Cuba.


  6. Just as a head’s up……The Hobbit movie trailer came out and the world is lit up over it. There are several of us here in town who are HUGE fans. We will plan a line party for the premiere of the first Hobbit movie on Dec 14 2012. Keep an eye here, and maybe we’ll get our own website up and running. We are dedicated and serious, some of us have large collections of LOTR/Hobbit/Tolkien items. Join us for the first movie!


      • You’re right. There should be one. A big wonderful one like the Uptown on Connecticut Ave in NW DC. We went there for Trilogy Tuesday (all 3 LOTR movies in one day) in Dec 2003 and it was fantastic. We went back a couple of times to see “Return of the King” because they ahve a huge, sweeping screen. It is a one-screen theater but that would be fine here. We already have the Regal, so one big theater that showed the blockbusters and classics would be great.


  7. Anyone know of restaurants that will be open later Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day? (We’re Jewish and normally go out Saturday nights) Thanks.


    • I don’t know specifically but have heard through the years that Chinese restaurants are open Christmas. I just looked at Brewers Alley and Isabellas sites and neither indicates hours or really anything for either the eve or the day. Think you might just have to call where you were interested in going directly. Good Luck!


      • Sumittra Thai Cuisine in downtown Frederick will be open on Christmas Day.

        I’m not sure of the hours though. Phone: Tel : (301) 668-2303.



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