More Voltaggio News

At the risk of turning this site into Voltaggio Maryland Online, I offer yet another piece of news about the Volt owner. He’s planning to open a diner on East & 9th Streets in the old Jenkins Nissan Building. Here is some more from the Frederick News-Post:

The new 90-seat restaurant will be a modern take on the classic American diner, Voltaggio said, with an industrial, stainless steel look and food to match. Favorites including meatloaf and french fries will be brought up-to-date with new spices and combinations.

“It won’t be hash on a plate. … I’m not going to serve you a $1.99 platter from Denny’s,” Voltaggio said. “It will be the same style as Volt, but with much simpler food.”

Food prices will not mimic those of Volt — the milkshakes will be kept reasonable — but the use of local agricultural products and high-quality ingredients will be reflected in the prices, he said.

The diner will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, he said, and aim to attract a wide variety of customers, from Fredericktonians to visitors passing through along I-70 and I-270.

The Washingtonian reports the current target date for the diner to open is April.

P.S. I tried the Lunchbox this week. I had the Cuban, a cup of soup, and a Mexican Coke for a total cost of about 10 bucks.  The line was long even though it was a rainy day, but it moved pretty quick.


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