Winter Photo Contest

christmas on market street in frederick

Winter is coming so I thought I’d update Frederick Maryland Online’s banner to match the season. To help me out I will be putting on a fun little contest to find a new photo for the site’s banner. If you have a great winter themed photo of Frederick I hope you’ll submit it. Your photo will take the place of Jessica Hibbard‘s awesome spring shot and be kindly adorned with the FMO logo by Aynex Mercado.

The only rules are that your photo must be winter themed, taken in Frederick, and only one submission per person.

Please send your photos to me at You can either attach it the message or provide me with a link to the photo online. I will take submissions until Monday, December 12th. After that I will set up voting so the Frederick Maryland Online readers can decide which photo will be in the new banner.

The winner will get their photo posted to the site and a credit on the About page along with a link to plug anything you want (e.g. a personal site).

If you have any questions please let me know.

(photo credit: me, a snowy first Saturday from a while back)


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