Open Thread Monday: November 28th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


19 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: November 28th Edition

  1. On Thursday, I am going to try this new place:

    Has anyone been yet? It’s in the old Flowers by Jim and short lived Tea Room on E. Patrick St. Here is their website:

    And for good measure, the hair and nail salon, Belleza (used to be on East St.) has a website too:

    I hope both businesses succeed downtown!


      • Steph, you are the second person to mention them to me today alone…love the Downtown “Girl’s Night Out” Drinks+Snacks+Wax. Love it!

        Will let you know what I think of The Art of Beauty.


      • My first experience at The Art of Beauty couldn’t have been any better. The salon is very cool looking and has a nice vibe. Becky was very nice and professional and I’m already planning another visit for a different service. I highly recommend it.


  2. Can anyone recommend a good general contractor? I need some home repairs done which involve tearing down wet and moldy drywall from a ceiling leak and patching/waterproofing. I need someone who can diagnose where the water is coming from (most likely leaking from the door to the deck on the floor above) and tell me if I need a whole new door, too. Thanks!


  3. This is probably a weird question, but, what are these open threads for if not also the weird questions…

    Does anyone know if the group that used to sell Xmas trees at the corner of Baughmans Lane and Rte. 40 is set up somewhere else in town this year? We really liked seeing the goats there as part of the tree/wreath buying experience, but, there’s a different group set up there this year.


  4. Can anyone recommend a good place for boarding 2 very healthy 12-year-old cats? I am beginning a search for when we will be on vacation for a week in the winter to Vancouver. I am hoping for a place that has large condos that can be shared by both cats, as this is the first time they will have been boarded and will need a lot of TLC! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 🙂


    • I’d like to know that as well! As a rule we can leave our cats home alone just fine. They have a cat door, 2 large litter boxes, we leave plenty of dry food (they aren’t gluttons and eat only when they are hungry and know when to stop) and several large dishes of water. But they are getting older (11 and 8) and we may want them to left in the care of someone if we have to be away for more than a few days.


      • ILOVEFREDERICK and Gypsy,

        My name is Dawn. I am a Pet Sitter/House Sitter and will have been in business for 7 years this coming January 2012. I would Love to talk to each of you about your needs for your Cats when you go away. I House Sit as well as Pet Sit meaning I would stay at your house the entire time you would be away taking care of your home as well as your Cats. They Get Tons of TLC from me, get to stay in their own environment and don’t have to be Boarded where they may not get the care you would like them to.

        Feel free to contact me when you get the chance.

        I can get you my Refereances as well!!

        I look forward to hearing from you!!

        Take Care,
        Dawn Tripp
        (301) 524-5923


    • I don’t know about boarding, but I have used the Cat Lady of Frederick County on two separate occasions to petsit my cat. She did a great job, sent texts each day to let me know how my cat was doing, and left a detailed written summary each visit. We had her come in once a day — much easier and less stressful on the cat than boarding. Plus, she brought in the mail and newspaper.


    • We use Animal Inn of Frederick for our dog, and he loves it there. Literally drags me to the door in, and then to the door of the kennels. They also have a cattery, and I’ve seen lots of folks bringing their kitties in. The folks there are truly wonderful people who love pets.


  5. We have boarded at the Buckeystowm Vet Clinic in the past for our cats on special diets needing timed, measured feelings. We liked that it was a vet… If something went wrong (nothing did), we thought they would be equipped to deal with it.


  6. Anyone have suggestions for a place that does short, seated massage sessions focused on the shoulder, neck, and upper back pains that come from too much computer use? Preferably NOT downtown… The time of day I would go is not peaceful downtown and I’m trying to unwind!


    • Daisy’s Salon offers great massages and I would highly reccomend. They are technically downtown in Everedy Square (behind Talbots), but there is plenty of parking so it’s not quite as hectic as Market Street or other locations.


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