Man v. Food, Frederick Style

I’m spending the weekend trying to keep this sore/scratchy throat from turning into anything worse.  So many people I know seem to be able to commiserate with whatever this thing is that is going around but I am determined to beat it.  I’ve got my green tea, my tissues, soup, blanket and remote control next to my couch.  Today I find myself sucked into a marathon of Man v. Food episodes on the Travel Channel.


Watching these shows got me to wondering if there are any restaurants in Frederick that have food challenges.  I can’t think of any, whether they be of the spiciest version of whatever the food or one of the challenges of sheer mass quantities of food.  Believe me, I am not up for either challenge personally but I am curious if we have any here in Frederick.  Anybody know?




7 thoughts on “Man v. Food, Frederick Style

  1. South St Subs in New Market has a 24inch phillycheesesteak that has a eating contest associated with it, I think its time-related and you still have to pay for the sub? but their phillies are probably the best in the area, so its kind of worth it.


  2. I haven’t been really sick since Dec 1984, but this persistent sore/scratchy throat and stuffy nose is beginning to feel just like that time. I use Alka Seltzer Plus cold meds and zinc lozenges.


  3. If they are still doing it, Starvin Marvins had a Challenge out there to anyone who could eat some HUGE monstrosity they were cooking up. I cannot remember what the item eas or the reward for eating it. But there was a poster in the restaurant with details and a photo of the food mentioned.
    It was soo HUGE! Can’t believe anyone could have eaten it all…


  4. The South Street Subs Challenge in New Market, is a 24″ sub w/ a large fry. It is timed and if you beat the fastest time you don’t have to pay and you get your pic on the wall. if you finish and don’t beat the time you have to pay. The time to beat was 13:34, it was broken yesterday by myself with a time of 11:39. It was delicious! and I am good for food till Monday.


    • Wow! A 2-foot sub and fries in 11+minutes?? That’s pretty amazing. I have a feeling that record will stand for a while. Thanks for letting us know!


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