Golden Mile Business News

A lot of the items mention in this press release have also been mentioned in the comments of this site, but it good to see a complete list like this:

The City of Frederick Department of Economic Development and the Golden Mile Alliance Organizing Committee are pleased to report that renovations and new business activity is taking place on the Golden Mile.

  • VERIZON store is renovating and will occupy the former Hollywood Video space at 1170 West Patrick Street, part of the Frederick County Square shopping center.
  • FAMOUS DAVE’S restaurant, also located in the Frederick County Square shopping center, is undergoing major exterior renovations but remains fully open and operational during construction.
  • RED LOBSTER restaurant recently completed a façade improvement of their location on the Golden Mile.
  • IF THE SHOE FITS has signed a lease in the Cellular One Center at 1170 West Patrick Street.
  • GOODWILL store is renovating the former 84 Lumber facility at 101 Willowdale Drive and is opening this month.
  • MCDONALD’S restaurant is planning to demolish and completely rebuild their location at 1501 Garrett Drive. The project includes a complete overhaul of the exterior, new interior décor and improvements to the drive-thru.
  • CVS PHARMACY is constructing a new 12,800 square foot location at 1460 West Patrick Street. Located on the west end of the Golden Mile on the corner of Old Camp Road, this new branch will replace the former Earthworks Garden Center.

Thanks for the tip BK.


4 thoughts on “Golden Mile Business News

  1. Thanks for posting this Guy. As a member of NAC 5 and participant of the Golden mile Alliance, this is the sort of press we have been pushing to get out there. Good stuff is going on, businesses are investing and staying! and new ones are coming too. If anyone is interested in getting involved the various NAC meeting schedules are also listed on the city website along with the Alliance schedule.


    • Yes, Noah – once CVS moves we have been told that the work will start on the FTM. what exactly the owners plan to do has not yet been made public. I have seen that construction has started at the old landscape building where CVS will be going. The next Golden Mile Alliance meeting is tonight (tuesday) at 7pm at the Hillcrest Community Center for anyone who is interested.


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