Open Thread Monday: October 24th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


20 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: October 24th Edition

  1. Does anyone have a realtor/real estate agent they’ve worked with and would recommend for a first-time home buyer in Frederick? My wife and I have rented in Frederick for the last 6+ years and are thinking it might be time to take the dive.


  2. Mary Richeimer with The Buyer’s Best has been our buyer’s agent for two Frederick homes. She’s fantastic. She’s particularly good with older homes, but is all around wonderful.


  3. The Frederick Classical CharterSchool, which was approved by the Frederick County Board of Education in April, is hosting several Community Information Nights at the C. Burr Artz Library, Community Room. The dates are: Wednesday, Oct 26, Thursday, November 10, and Wednesday, November 16. These events are open to families, and run from 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm. We will have a casual format, with information about a classical education being provided, as well as an update on our facility, enrollment procedures and job opportunities at the school. Feel free to e-mail me at if you need more information, or you would like to know how you can help.


  4. Being a big advocate of shopping at Goodwill, I found out last weekend that they are opening a new Goodwill store on Willowdale in the old lumber building (84 Lumber) All the furniture that was in the store on E Church has been moved to the Route 85 store and the front of the store that used to be accessed from E Church has been closed. Not sure if they are moving the entire Church Street store to the new location or if it is just a new store.


  5. Just wanted to pass along info about a unique and FREE dance performance and class on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Equinox Dance Company will perform, “Regard/React” at 6:30 followed by a master class at 7pm at Artomatic Frederick. Performance will take place in the sculpture garden on the fourth floor at Artomatic (located at 115 E. Church Street, Frederick, Maryland). The audience will follow the performers around the fourth floor, as EDC explores the use of space around, under and in front of the artwork. The master class at 7pm is for all ages and levels. Participants will work on creating their own movement that relates to the sculpture pieces. For more info:

    Hope you can make it!


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