The Deli Closes Doors

I’m not sure how I missed this, but The Deli has closed it’s doors and is auctioning off all of its equipment. I had many o’ club sandwich at those rickety old tables. You will be missed.


4 thoughts on “The Deli Closes Doors

  1. I visited the Deli on many occasions. I was very sad to hear that they were closing but totally understand. The owners have been running the place for 35 years and wanted to sell it as a going concern, but there were no takers.

    Whats more sad is that the only place like it is Crabapples (or as I like to call it Crapabbles) with their obnoxious owner and flies in their sandwiches (yes twice), I vowed never to go back.

    Neil and Carol – you will be missed both for your good food and your good conversation.


  2. This ruined my day.

    My mother and father took me to “The Deli” all the time as a child, and now I bring my own family there every time we travel back from Seattle to visit my father’s gravesite in Frederick.

    You will be SORELY missed!


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