Speed & Red Light Cameras in Frederick

Remember way back in July when I posted about the speed cameras on East Street?

Well I tested them out recently and they work just fine. That’s forty smackers down the drain.

In the interest of saving you from a ticket, here is a listing of the speed and red light cameras in the City of Frederick. Each also has a link to the page where they are listed on the Police Department’s website.

Speed Cameras in Frederick 

  • Southbound in the 1700 block of Opossumtown Pike
  • Westbound in the 7400 block of Hayward Road
  • Eastbound in the 7300 block of Hayward Road
  • Westbound in the 1300 block of Butterfly Lane
  • Southbound in the 1600 block of North Market Street
  • Northbound in the 1400 block of North East Street
  • Southbound in the 1400 block of North East Street

Red Light Cameras in Frederick

  • East 3rd Street and N. East St.
  • East Patrick St. and Monocacy Blvd.
  • Motter Ave. and West 7th St.
  • Opossumtown Pike and Thomas Johnson Drive
  • Rosemont Ave. and Montevue lane
  • Rosemont Ave. and Schley Ave/US 15
  • Willowdale Dr. and Key Parkway

3 thoughts on “Speed & Red Light Cameras in Frederick

  1. Let me offer these suggestions as a counter to driving around the cameras: Don’t speed (ie., exceed the speed limit by 12 mph). Don’t run red lights. If you follow those rules, there’s nothing to worry about. Its pretty simple.

    Sorry you got a ticket, but you actually knew the cameras were there 🙂



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