Open Thread Monday: October 10th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: October 10th Edition

  1. hi there…everyone in Frederick City….the Voltaggio project scheduled to go in at Carmack Jay’s is in jeopardy. The building has been vacant for 10 years! The city is asking them to pay 200,000 in water impact fees. It is calculated per fixture unit. Since the market will have mulitple cooking areas and sink the impact fee is high. In 10 years no one has shown an interest in this property. Please show your concern…maybe a reduction of 50% in the impact fee would keep this project going. If you live downtonw…please let the alderman and mayor know you want this space filled!

    As a resident near Carmack Jay’s, I would love to see this market move in! what do you think?


    • And from friends at Bechtel we’re hearing that they absolutely are leaving and moving down to No. VA in spite of reports to the contrary. But the City never gets a clue. Just keep trying to suck businesses dry and then get angry when they refuse to ante up anymore. So instead of being truly business minded and doing everything possible to keep businesses here and grow new ones, they’d rather stick their self-righteous noses up in the air and say “well, they should pay up! It’s the right thing to do!” and let them leave or start up somewhere else.


      • Isn’t Bechtel outside of the city limits?

        I want to see the Carmack Jay’s space filled but the question is are those water impact fees unreasonable? If not, then as a tax payer I don’t want to be subsidizing Brian V.’s new venture. Because if the restaurant doesn’t pay for it, the rest of us will absorb it. Attracting business is good, but part of doing business is investing in the upfront costs to get the business going. Looking at the City’s web site, it appears fees are calculated based on the impact you will have to the system. If you use it, you shoulld pay for it


      • You’re right… any case to let a company like that leave….and in spite of the article in today’s FNP, friends that work there say the decision has been made and that the company is leaving Frederick.


      • The grapevine I’m on maintains that it’s very possible that parts of the Bechtel organization will move to N. Virginia, but the majority of employees would remain in Frederick for the foreseeable future. The company would consolidate employees in the remaining buildings on its campus for which it has renewed leases not all that long ago.


  2. What’s up with the city not wanting to fill that space? What is motivating them to leave it empty? Sounds beyond foolish, considering it has been empty 10+ years. Is there a backstory that we may not know about? Just curious.


  3. I don’t get it –seems like a place that has been vacant that long is a real detriment to the city. That north end of town fizzles. Moxie and the net-zero energy homes are great, but having a big stutter in the middle like that is not good for the community. I go past there every single day, and long to see something. Anything. And I haven’t lived here long enough to call it Carmack Jays. It’s just the building that has always been empty.


  4. I noticed a big “SOLD” sign on the old, large home (with several outbuildings) near the entrance to the I70 Golf range. Any idea what is going on with it? I assume it is zoned as a business and no longer residential…


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