Open Thread Monday: October 3rd Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: October 3rd Edition

    • We considered it, but the weather this weekend, plus a lingering cold that just won’t go away caused us to decide against it. We have not been to one in Frederick before – what made it disappointing last year?


  1. I see that the construction of the bridge over the Monocacy for the Monocacy Blvd extention is finally showing some progress. They were placing steel arches yesterday. Can’t wait for that section of road to be completed after all the weather delays!!


  2. Anyone know when the picture people moved out of the fsk mall? Tried to call today and it just rang. Then looked up the fsk web site and found something called Crazy 8 (coming soon) in its place?


  3. Picture People have been gone for awhile, Sears Portrait Studio was advertising in the empty space. Crazy 8 is a childrens clothing store.


  4. Does anyone know anything about the change in the timing of the light at the Rt. 15 and Clay Street intersection at Point of Rocks? I’ve been commuting to Virginia on Route 15 for more than a year and never experienced delays in the evening on my return north to Maryland. But, for the past 2 evenings traffic has been backed up for 3 miles due to the light at Clay Street. It’s taken me 20-30 minutes to go this distance. Yesterday, I sat on the bridge over the Potomac for 2 light cycles.


  5. The Arc of Frederick County is hosting a Sprout Film Festival on October 27th at Holiday Cinemas. This will showcase films about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 4:15 showing features family-friendly films for all ages and the 7:30 showing is geared towards older teens and adults.

    4:15 showing – $6.00 per ticket
    7:30 showing – $8.00 per ticket

    Combination ticket for both showings: $12.00

    For more information click here: or contact


  6. I saw a previous question about residential cleaning, but was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable commercial cleaning company? I have to fire the company that alledgely cleans my office. Unreliable, spotty work that is given a half hours attention is not something I am willing to pay close to $300 a month for. I had a guy stop by about a year ago, I think his name was Rayford. He owned his own cleaning company, and I would like to talk to him again, but have lost his contact info. Any help or input would be appreciated! Thanks FMO readers!


    • Pam–try the folks who clean the Urbana library. A mother/son team that are fantastic, strong work ethic and 100% reliable. Give them a call or email the branch manager, I’m sure they’d share their information.


      • Peanut Butter: Thanks for the advice. I will give them a call today! Found the guy we were looking for, left multiple messages and not heard back from him. Too bad, his loss of business.


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