A Dieter’s Delight – New Weight Loss Program Comes to Frederick

Many thanks to this week’s sponsor, Medifast Weight Control Center:


Westview Promenade Medifast opens Ocotber 10th with a weeklong event.

You can now lose weight without fad diets, gimmicks, controversial drugs, liquid “foods” or rigorous exercise routines say the owners of the new Medifast Weight Control Center opening on October 10 th in the Westview Promenade. During this Grand Opening weeklong event, the center will be open for tours and information so people can gain an understanding of this successful concept of losing weight. This Grand Opening will include FREE gifts, special discounts, prize drawings and product sampling.

“Our program is designed to help clients lose weight fast and then maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their life,” says Ashley McCauley, Chief Operations Officer. “You are not limited to one food group.”

medifast logoMedifast has a variety of tasty meals that you can eat on the go. Also this versatile program allows you to eat the same foods other people eat and even dine in restaurants. “That’s what makes our program a real breakthrough,” says Alan Silver, managing partner of the new center. “It’s ideal for busy people whose active lifestyle doesn’t allow for complicated time-consuming weight loss programs.”

The heart and soul of the Medifast concept is one-on-one counseling with a trained professional. Together, the counselor and client determine an achievable weight loss goal based on a personal profile analysis. As a team, they choose meals that contain the proper balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat for achieving and maintaining the desired goal weight.

“As doctors have known for years, it’s not only how much you eat but also what you eat that determines how much you weigh, and that’s what our program focuses on,” says McCauley.

Another innovation is the exclusive Medifast Lean & Green program. Within the first few days the client will begin seeing results along with an increase in energy. “This helps maintain the excitement and motivation of the client,” says Diane McMinn, Center Manager. “When clients begin losing three, four or five pounds their first week, you can imagine what this does for their motivation.”

The Medifast Weight Control Center concept is particularly timely. According to a recent study published in USA Today, fifty percent of all American adults will be obese by 2030. Today, there is more attention focused on weight loss and a healthier lifestyle than ever before, but many of today’s overweight Americans are too busy for long, sweaty workouts or complicated weight loss regimens. Medifast Weight Control Centers has discovered a weight loss program that adapts to the dieter instead of the reverse.

The Medifast program has been clinically proven and tested and has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. For more information, visit www.MedifastFrederick.com or call 301-695-5678.  You can follow Medifast (Frederick) on Facebook.


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