Old Mealy's Building For Sale

mealeys restaurantFor all the lookie loos, like myself, here is the listing for the old Mealy’s restaurant building currently for sale in New Market.

Via @tourfrederickmd


3 thoughts on “Old Mealy's Building For Sale

  1. New Market used to be a nice quiet place to go and do some antiques shopping (it used to claim that it was the “antiques capitol of Maryland”. After shopping you could head to Mealy’s for a nice dinner. Or perhaps at Christmas etc. there would be a company dinner or a family celebration.

    Now New Market is rapidly losing it’s charm as it is surrounded by a bunch of vinyl clad tract houses (that absolutely detract from the old country/small town feel you used to get), along with competition from Frederick and other places for antiques shoppers. There is still a bit of charm left on Main Street, but not enough to really draw large numbers of folks even though there are some nice shops (we drove down to shop at Santa Fe the other week).

    I wish them good luck. They would need something very special, a destination style restaurant or such, but even with that, what do you do with the rest of the building? A B&B, maybe, but why would those customers pick New Market over Frederick or someplace else instead?

    I think it is a tough sell.


    • I agree with your comments, Denman. I have nice memories of weekend visits to New Market to stroll, relax, and browse the shops. Always was sure to stop by the General Store before walking the few steps over to Mealeys to enjoy dinner and old-fashioned ambiance. I think Frederick ate away at their antique/boutique business over the years, becoming the big destination for such things while also offering many options for dining, etc. The ticky-tacky new housing detracted from the historic atmosphere & charm of visiting New Market, too. I do wish good luck and a good outcome to whoever ultimately takes on the Mealey’s building (they’ll need it).

      I’m one of those folks who also still remembers and misses Peter Pan in Urbana, as it was before its incarnation as Cracked Claw. Gotta accept that times change. The day is long past when there were enough people like me around to support places like Peter Pan and Mealeys (as they used to be).


  2. Wasn’t part of the problem of the property not selling that the appraisals were simply not even close to the asking price?? Is this price any better? Seems like I remember that the current holder of the property flatly refused to take the appraisals and were digging in their heels to get the higher price. We used to go there for their wine tasting dinners in the early 2000’s.


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