Open Thread Monday: September 19th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

Have at it in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Open Thread Monday: September 19th Edition

  1. We’re heading to the fair on Carload night this Wednesday (along with lots of other frugal Fredericktonians) and looking for a new idea for dinner. I know it’s considered heresy here in Frederick, but Hemp’s isn’t my favorite. So…any other awesome options? We always grab some Bang-Bang Shrimp from Bonefish as an “appetizer”. Any other yummy options we have missed in the past? A place to sit is an added bonus!

    Thanks ahead of time for your great ideas!


  2. Didn’t see it mentioned here yet, but I was walking by Westview Village (Shopping center with Mimi’s and Plato’s) and saw that one of the corner spaces had been rented to a Japanese Fuzion restraunt called Densha Sushi. It will have a conveyor belt of Sushi. Website is . I am glad something differnt is coming into that shopping center. On the lease map it also lists a clay oven restaurant coming in as well.


  3. Anyone know where I can find a police blotter that would tell me why the police are continually called to a house near me. Yes I’m nosey…but also slightly concerned.



  4. If you DON”T live in the city limits, you can go to Radio Reference website and listen to the sheriff and fire rescue radio. But the Frederick City Police do not allow their radio to be shared on the internet.


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    • I’d love to know that, too! Oysters are all too hard to find here, in any form – fried or raw or whatever. I can go in any grocery store and buy them raw in jars but the restaurants act as though they’re extraordinarily rare. I understand some may not want the risk of serving raw oysters, but why should fried ones be so difficult to find?? If you can serve fried shrimp you can serve fried oysters.


      • I agree with Becca. The Press Room has always got a great selection of oysters. They post the list of available oysters on a chalk board located in the bar.


  6. Good Evening Frederick, I am trying to get everyone out this Saturday at our grand opening event. Please stop by and say hi to us. We welcome your ideas on how to serve you better!
    Grand Opening of our 28 degree cold beer cave! Saturday Sept 24th. We will have Key 103’s live remote out from 1pm-3 pm. We will giving away 5 luges in a raffle drawing, food will be provided and we are giving away bags of ice with every 12 pack purchased. Sculptures will be on display in the cave, stop by and buy the coldest beer around! Rosedale Ice Frederick 300 N East St, Frederick, MD 21701


  7. Just noticed today that Sweet Angela’s is opening a cupcake bakery on the corner of Church and East Street……just a block from Angel Cakes. A cupcake war in the making? 🙂


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