Beware, the Snallygaster

Beware, the Snallygaster

For generations, the people of Middletown Valley have told tales of the Snallygaster- a mysterious creature that dwells deep in the caves of South Mountain. Some say it’s a myth. Some say it’s real. But this Halloween, best friends Holly and Peter are finally going to get to the truth behind the legend…if it doesn’t get to them first!

I love odd things and local legends, so when Patrick Boyton contacted me about getting the word out on his new children’s book it didn’t take much convincing. The Snallygaster is such a weird and unique beast, the Frederick area should be glad to have it’s legend hovering over us. Anyway, enough from me, here is the info about the book:

In 2008, Frederick author Patrick Boyton published Snallygaster: the Lost Legend of Frederick County, a historical account of the mythical, dragon-like beast said to inhabit Western Maryland. The book proved to be so successful, Boyton has followed it up with a children’s novel featuring the local monster.

Beware, the Snallygaster follows a pair of adventurous Middletown Middle School students in their quest to locate the mysterious monster rumored to live on South Mountain. Even though the story has a Halloween setting and deals with things that go “bump in the night,” Boyton insists that his chapter book is more spooky than scary.

“I grew up reading authors like Ray Bradbury and John Bellairs. I wanted to capture that nostalgic eeriness found in their children’s books,” Boyton said.

Beware, the Snallygaster will appeal to young readers who enjoy R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, but their parents should be pleased that the supernatural elements in Boyton’s book are handled with more subtlety. “I tried to avoid anything gross or overly frightening, choosing instead to emphasize character and mystery” the author said.

Beware, the Snallygaster is available on Amazon now and will be available at Snallygaster Gifts and Turn the Page next week. And hopefully coming to other area stores and the library soon.


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