Smoke on the Water

smoke on the water

A nice shot of Culler Lake taken by Virginia.

Don’t forget you can share your photos with FMO readers by tagging them with the word “frednet” when you upload a photo to Flickr. These photos show up in the sidebar of the site, on the FMO Twitter feed, and some of them will be featured like this one. If you don’t use Flickr to share your photos, drop me an email and we can see about getting your photo featured on FMO.


3 thoughts on “Smoke on the Water

  1. This is totally off-topic, but does anyone know what is being built in north Frederick? When I drive up U.S. 15, just before the Rosemont Ave. exit, I can see ahead and to the left, a large building going up. Any ideas??


  2. Are you seeing the big new building on the Fort? Is it still in the steel beam stage? It’s huge and can be seen for miles in several directions.


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