Gorilla Restaurant Reviews

The Frederick Gorilla, a new local magazine, has started to post some of their articles online. Like this one about secret reviews of local eateries:

As a self-proclaimed recovering restaurateur I decided it wasn’t okay to have restaurants pay the Gorilla to give them glowing reviews. I think that’s crap, actually. It insults the customer/reader and doesn’t do any good for the restaurateurs who truly want to improve their restaurants.

So, I devised the SECRET GORILLA project. I sent four people to two, randomly selected restaurants in Frederick County, armed with specific review criteria and a score card.

I found the magazine as a whole to be really good, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue. If your interested, you can subscribe for free online.


7 thoughts on “Gorilla Restaurant Reviews

  1. I am a subscriber of the magazine. The inaugural issue was pretty good, especially the article on Frederick’s deadbeat landlords.

    However, the “restaurant review” of Mick’s was ridiculous and borderline vulgar. I didn’t see the point of the review other than some sort of cheap thrill for the writer. I definitely wasn’t impressed with the review of the second stall in the ladies room…..


  2. Reviews?? Is that what you call those cheap little blurbs? I appreciate an honest review and want to see those to help me choose what restaurants to try. But – don’t people reviewing restaurants have to be qualified to do so? I think so. The “writing style” of the Gorilla reviewer is, well…just plain insulting and offensive to an intelligent reader. It is a shame that we no longer demand quality in entertainment/news, etc. First, reality shows replace talent and creativity on TV, and now in magazines too. It’s embarrassing.


    • No. I believe it’s supposed to be more politically minded (hard news, current events, government, etc) than Frederick Magazine, which is more of a lifestyle and home and garden publication.


  3. I always enjoying reading what others think about places. I am usually never swayed one way or another based on others opinions on food. It’s all just reading material to me.


  4. It’s all a matter of taste, but I personally found the Gorilla engaging and refreshing, if slightly edgy, which I don’t necessarily view as a negative. As for “qualified” restaurant reviewers–whatever that definition entails–I’ve read my share of reviews by the well-known “name” reviewers. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be interested in and curious about the opinions expressed by others–who may be more representative of my friends’ and neighbors’ reactions, and maybe my own.


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