Need Your Help with a Little Frederick Mystery

A question from an FMO reader:

I was wondering if you knew anything about the magnets that show up every once in awhile all over Frederick. They always have a simple tribal face in black and red with an accompaning saying. This time the saying is, “These have been your marching orders.”

Any information you have about this would be greatly appreciated in soothing my curiosity!

So what say ye? Anyone out there know the source or reasoning behind these magnets? Anyone have a photo of one?


8 thoughts on “Need Your Help with a Little Frederick Mystery

  1. I have not seen these magnets, but I confess I am not very observant. I do have a question about FMO, though. Were there no ‘open thread’ posts the last two Mondays? I thought maybe something was wrong with my RSS feed/Google Reader, but I don’t see any missed posts here on the website.


  2. I’m sure it’s been tried but Google turned up nothing. Now I’m intrigued. I’ll have to keep my eye out for one. Maybe there is a website in small print on there?


  3. They used to sell laminated cards with that face on them the Dragonfly for a while — I bought one there. It said something else, I forget exactly what and I gave it to someone as a gift.


  4. I met the fellow who does this. He wishes to remain anonymous for now, but will be doing a gallery opening on October 1st at Unique Optique where he will sign magnets that people bring in from all over town.

    Since April of 2011, he has hand drawn, printed and laminated more than 200 each week and put them up all over town. I, personally, am a huge fan.


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