Mistero is a Mystery to me

I was just doing a little restaurant surfing and came across this website for a new restaurant called Mistero Bar & Italian Grille supposedly going in to the old La Paz location behind the parking deck that is behind Brewer’s Alley.  Has anyone been back there lately to notice this place?  According to the page, it was supposed to open July 2011.


28 thoughts on “Mistero is a Mystery to me

    • We will be advertising with Frederick Magazine as well as Gorilla magazine. Clipper magazine and radio advertising will be other sources we use. Please keep an eye out for us 🙂 Feel free to come check out the building.


      • Hi Jeff

        It was really nice to meet you yesterday when I stopped by.

        Print and radio can work well for your new restauarant BUT as we discussed, TV and Internet are where most people spend their time. Why not include one or both in your marketing mix?

        Please give me a few minutes to explain. Next Tuesday at 2:30?


  1. I don’t think that they are open yet. I heard that there were some complaints from the local neighborhood about the restaurant’s plans to have a club-type atmosphere upstairs. The complaints were voiced at a zoning board of appeals meeting and I think there was a continuance.


  2. Their Facebook page says:

    Something new is coming to Frederick THIS SUMMER. Something more than a restaurant. It’s an upscale eatery that literally comes to life after dark. With table reservations, music and entertainment. Leave your sneakers and hats at home, this atmosphere demands nothing but fashionable attire.

    Price Range
    $$ (10-30)

    Food Styles
    American (New)
    Tapas Bars


    Takes Reservations
    Walk-Ins Welcome
    Good For Groups
    Good For Kids
    Take Out
    Waiter Service


    I’m not sure who is walking around downtown in their dress clothes with their kids.


  3. The parking lot by there (next to the deck) has been under construction for at least the past 2 Sundays. Only know that since I pass it heading to St John’s. not sure if it is for sewer or gas or such but last week it was all dug up trenchlike out to the street. So at least until they or who ever is doing the work is done I can’t see how it could open.


  4. That is a great hidden area for a restaurant. La Paz was great back there. I don’t know about the upstairs area for if I can remember correctly it was a little small for some type of dance floor.


    • It was tiny up there. I remember there was maybe a dozen tables with seating elbow to elbow. Wasn’t the kitchen upstairs? or maybe I am just mis-remembering.


  5. I think they are up against some strong opposition in the community. Neighbors have protested their opening what they fear will be a night club and having all the noise and disorderly (drunken) patrons wandering around . It is (Ihave seen inside) larger than you might think. Upstairs and down will have seating and nice sofas, etc…but no, not a huge place by any means. I hope that they are able to pull it together…but they will need to get the red-tape stuff done first (liquor license etc.) and also permit to have live entertainment. It could turn out to be a nice place for people to enjoy music and Italian food in a relaxing atmosphere if it is what I am told it intends to be.


  6. Hello,

    I am one of the owners of Mistero. I am willing answer any questions you have about the restaurant . We were scheduled to open in July/Aug but city permits and construction was delayed. Hopefully September will bring an opening date before the fall season. Our restaurant will be Italian gourmet and tapas. Gourmet pizza will be served daily and late on weekend evenings. The interior of the building has been completely remodeled but has kept it’s rustic historic look with exposed brick. It’s boasts two brand new bars on both levels , new paint and refinished floors. The menu is available online at http://www.misterofrederick.com . Pictures are available on our Facebook page . Mistero bar and Italian grille.

    Email me with any comments, questions,concerns



    • Menu looks interesting but the small plates seem so non-Italian (except for the lasagna and seafood risotto).

      Will you be having more Italian foods on the small plates list?


    • To respond to the above post we had our entertainment hearing last month and we were approved to have entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays.


      • I’m so excited to hear this! I must be one of the few excited to hear about new and good things for Frederick. I think Frederick needs something like this. A mini-club isn’t an awful idea. How would a classy night club differ from the trash they let go on at Canal Bar and Greene Turtle. I can’t wait Jeff!!!


      • Thanks Mat! That’s what we are striving for a professional, classy, but fun atmosphere. Frederick needs a place where people can go enjoy food fun and entertainment and feel completely comfortable in the setting. Our Italian gourmet food will be one of a kind downtown as well.


      • Jeff,
        How will your “Italian gourmet food” be “one of a kind” exactly.
        I saw very few Italian dishes on your menu, will you be adding them soon?

        You stated that “Frederick needs a place where people can go…and feel completely comfortable in the setting”. Does such a place not exist in Frederick? What are other establishments missing in regard to this that you will be providing?

        I am eager to read your responses.


      • Typical Italian menus consist of “chicken parm” “spaghetti” etc.. Our Italian inspired tapas and gourmet pizza will have a different style and taste than your ordinary Italian restaurant. Our menu we posted is our base menu that will have changes before the final menu is placed. As far as our atmosphere, downtown Frederick has very few places that you can go in the evening hours and enjoy a professional fun atmosphere. We are striving to maintain proper dress code , conduct, and professional clients.


      • You have two very Italian things on your menu that I rarely see and look for specifically. The appetizer you call Orangina (called arancini in italian and correctly translated to little orange because of it’s appearance) and the risotto in the small plates. I’ll be buy to try these for sure when you open. Will you be open at lunch. My company has quarterly lunches and I could suggest your restaurant for our next one.


      • Bobbie,

        Thats would be a great idea. We have remodeled the upstairs and have been planning on doing business lunches during the week. We will be open daily at 11am, we would love to have your company at Mistero. Feel free to stop by the building sometime toward the end of August or beginning of September. The floors will be re-finished by then. Email me at Jeff@misterofrederick.com and I can coordinate a time to meet you there.



      • Why would people complain about the club atmosphere? Everything in downtown Frederick turns into a club atmosphere on the weekends anyway. I agree , atleast this one will be classy!! Can’t wait!


  7. You are not the only one Mat. I am excited as well. As a downtown resident, I am always glad to see empty spaces fill up with new restaurants/ shops. There are too many vacant buildings in this town and when someone desides to invest their time and money to open a new business, it makes Frederick that much better!


    • I couldn’t agree more. New business creates new jobs and when businesses succeed it boosts property value of the surrounding areas. Downtown Frederick is about arts,entertainment,and dining. It’s a historical setting as well so we have to respect the surroundings. We look forward to seeing you in September Markus!


  8. Been to Mistero a number of times.. one of my new favorite restaurants.. the food is outstanding, the service has always been terrific, the atmosphere is bright and open.. unlike the old La Paz which was very closed in… as for the nosey nagging neighbors who have nothing better to do then to complain about everything, I have never seen any drunken rowdiness ..for that matter, why not just shut down all of frederick after 11pm?? THis place is NOT that kind of place to be rowdy.


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